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Bird Lapbook ~ Preschool Corner

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Preschool CornerLast week I pulled out the robin lapbooks that the three older kids had done a few years ago. The moment Kaleb saw those three pulled out he wanted to know where his was. After realizing he didn’t have one ~ well we had a project for this week!

Our week started out with Kaleb staring out the window at the daddy cardinal that loves to sit in the tree off our back porch. The pair of cardinals are at our feeder constantly and we love watching them!

For Kaleb’s bird lapbook we used only one file folder and the minit books from Homeschool Share’s Backyard Birds file. I opened the file folder flat and then re-folded it so that there were two smaller flaps on the sides. The above picture shows the front and the back of his lapbook. For the back cover, Kaleb colored a picture of a robin for me. For the front he

Putting the Bird Lapbook Together

Monday: A Bird’s Habitat ~ Our backyard

  • Identifying differences between male and female birds ~ minit book
  • What do birds eat? minit book
  • How do birds find their food? There were several robins hoping around in the yard outside our school window. We had so much fun watching the robins in our yard and learning that they actually see the ground move.

Bird Lapbook-2

Tuesday: Life Cycles/Nesting ~ Getting ready for babies

  • What are the predators of robins? minit book
  • Who builds the nest?

Bird Lapbook-1


  • Baby birds minit book ~ what do bird eggs look like?
  • Talked about where birds build nests
  • Kaleb dictated and then illustrated two robin stories {I did the writing below!!}.
    Here are Kaleb’s pictures and stories:

Birds lay eggs. They sit on the eggs. Then they hatch. They grow and turn into a dad or mom.

Bird Lapbook-4

Birds lay eggs on the ground, in trees, on buildings, and in holes. Robins lay four eggs. They are about the size of a quarter.

Bird Lapbook-5

Thursday ~ Putting the lapbook together

On Thursday we glued the pieces of Kaleb’s lapbook together {and were a little camera-shy}.

Bird Lapbook-3

That about sums up our week. Other than Kaleb asking every single day when we could do another chalk pastel together of a cardinal.

Thinking that needs to be on the list for next week, eh?

How was your week?

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  1. http://www.nextgenhomeschooler.com/2012/04/13/space-theme/  I cant find the linkey..lol Great week as always =) If you cant get my link in I’ll be back later

  2. Kaleb has very nice handwriting!  Illustrations, too. Loved your chalk pastels, as well – very  nice. 

    Thanks for hosting, Jolanthe! 

  3. I remember doing pages like that with my oldest.  We were just looking at her old notebooks.  I was cracking up at her invented spelling on the ones she wrote.  I can’t wait for my little one to hit that stages.

  4. don’t see the link up – but we did our own bird watching this week on vacation!!

    Letter D Fun & SCIENCE- Preschool

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