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Amazon Animals Chalk Pastel

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Last year you may remember me sharing a few of the chalk pastel projects that we worked on thanks to Tricia at HodgePodge. This year, for one of our co-op projects, I somehow managed to sign myself up for the Amazon region art spot with the older group of kids.

Amazon Animals Chalk Pastel

Relying on all the fun we had last year with the chalk pastels and knowing how forgiving they can be, we pulled together a fun Amazon Animals Chalk Pastel project for the kids using a few basic supplies {see a version of this project at Deep Space Sparkle}.

  • 9×12 black paper {we used construction paper because it’s what we had handy, but in the future I would use something different}
  • Chalk Pastels
  • Oil Pastels {to outline}
  • And LOTS of baby wipes. Lots, people.

Amazon Animal Chalk Pastel-10

Each of the children {ages 8 to 13} chose a picture of a frog, bird, or animal that had been printed out prior to the class {I printed out a few pictures via a Google image search}.

Amazon Animal Chalk Pastel-14

They lightly sketched their version of the image onto their paper using a black oil pastel and then colored it in with the chalk pastels.

Amazon Animal Chalk Pastel-19

Once the chalk pastels had been smudged, outlines of the picture were retraced to make it ‘pop’.

Amazon Animal Chalk Pastel-17

The kids all had a blast creating their projects and we think they turned out great!

Amazon Animal Chalk Pastel Amazon Animal Chalk Pastel-3 Amazon Animal Chalk Pastel-4
Amazon Animal Chalk Pastel-5 Amazon Animal Chalk Pastel-6 Amazon Animal Chalk Pastel-7
Amazon Animal Chalk Pastel-8 Amazon Animal Chalk Pastel-9 Amazon Animal Chalk Pastel-2


Resources for Chalk Pastel Art

Here are a few projects we’ve worked on using chalk pastels and also a few resources in case you would like to work on one with your family:

Fall Art Tutorials Seasonal Chalk Pastel Bundle


This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. These turned out awesome!! So much fun!!

  2. These are GORGEOUS! And what fun to create!!

  3. Homeschool With Love says

    Beautiful pictures! I love the idea of printing out images from the web so that the children have a model.

  4. I love these! They are so good! And I love that you did them in a big group. I’ve been thinking about doing art with our co-op group, fun stuff like the pastels. But I am not much of an artist! WIth all the great tutorials out there though I think it can be done. What do you think? Is it necessary to be a great artist to teach others to do art?!

    • I really don’t think so!! This was SO easy to pull together, especially since we had played with the chalk pastels before. As long as the kids could sketch the basic outline, they went from there. Younger kids could do more basic drawings. Having some simple pictures on hand to model worked great!

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