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11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

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Now the textbook pile may be looking a little sparse, but I promise it’s not because our oldest is taking a break from anything. This year marks a big turn for Laurianna! As of the end of her sophomore year, Laurianna has earned 20.5 credits toward her diploma. An advanced diploma in our area requires 26 credits and she still has two years to go in school, and this year she will be taking at least two classes at the community college that will count for both high school credit and her college degree. 

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

One of the biggest helps has been finding our textbooks on Amazon. Until recently I had no idea you could rent textbooks via their site! When we priced out books at the campus bookstore and also via the Chegg website (for college texts), Amazon came out with the best prices overall for brand new, used, or rentals (another reason to love Prime!!). Laurianna’s Human Anatomy book was $335 new at the campus bookstore and $92 from Amazon. Since it’s one we knew she would use in her nursing degree, we went ahead and purchased it (and truthfully, the $92 isn’t much worse than some of our high school text costs). 

We kept her class load in the fall fairly light with only two classes at the community college since she is still struggling with health issues (and we are still in limbo on a diagnosis). There are a few classes we are looking at for the spring, but we are waiting to hear from one of the colleges Laurianna is interested in attending before committing to the specific classes. 

This year Laurianna will also be studying for the SAT and hopefully taking it either November or December. Prior to that, she will be taking the PSAT in October. To help her out, we are using CollegePrepGenius. Both Laurianna and I sat in on a class with the company in June and it was one we both believe will help her out this year (I’ll be sharing more about it on the blog this fall). 

Overall, Laurianna is very excited since she will be taking one of her classes with a friend and we are thrilled she has this opportunity this year. Granted, not as many of her classes will be at home with us, but it’s all for a great reason!

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I’ll be sharing more in the upcoming days and weeks on what our other kids are studying this year, so stay tuned for those posts. 

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What subjects are you excited to work on this year with your kids?

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Joe Burton says

    Can I see some sort of example for 11th grade?

  2. Heather Benza says

    I’m researching “electives” and I’m interested in developmental psychology. What did you use? Does that give you a teacher guide too?

    • For our oldest, she took this class at a local community college and did it as dual enrollment. There are some places online that offer dual enrollment as well (sophia.org is one).

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