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What I’m Getting from Build Your Bundle (and Why)

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For the last week or more you’ve been seeing graphics, giveaways, and heard the Build Your Bundle sale is coming. The first year it was held — I was so very, very confused. There was a lot to wrap my brain around and at the end of our homeschool year, there are very few coherent thoughts running around in my head. I’m not at the point where I really want to think much.

BUT saving money on homeschool curriculum is always enjoyable, so I kept digging, trying to fully understand, and realized how much the could really benefit our family! 

In case you are in the same boat I was and haven’t quite figured out the ins and outs of the sale, here is a QUICK look at the different options and explanations. Definitely take a peek before May 23rd though – because the sale ends at midnight and then you can’t take advantage of the deals you find now! (Scroll down to see what we will be purchasing). 

Purchase a Pre-Assembled Bundle

One Week Only - Ends 5/23/16 - Save 92% on the Character Bundle

Click here to checkout the 2016 Build Your Bundle Sale!

There are 15 themed bundles to choose from, ranging in price from $10 to $40 (10 of the bundles are $20 or less). The above graphic shows what is included in the Character & Bible bundle for $20 (do you see Picture Smart Bible – a $49 value – in the center??). Each of the bundle prices have savings of 86% or more and range from Early Learning through High School and there are also additional themes such as Charlotte Mason, fine arts, and more.  


Build Your Own Bundle 
Build Your OWN Bundles (Pick & choose what YOU want to buy!)

If you see one item in one bundle and another in a different one – you can pick and choose pieces using the Build Your Own Bundle option. This is a wonderful option if you have between 5 and 10 products you’d like to purchase and would rather not get 5 different bundles. 

  • Pick 5 items for $25
  • Pick 10 items for $39 
  • Pick ANY 10 for $59* 

*There are a few exceptions, so be sure to check out this page for more information. 

Get a FREE Bundle 
Buy any 2 individual bundles OR Build Your OWN Bundles and get one free!

One of the best parts of the Build Your Bundle sale is the Buy 2, Get 1 Free option. Build two bundles and get a third free. Or  pick 3 pre-assembled bundles and the lowest priced one will be free.  

Pick up a Bundle of Bonuses

Each purchase includes a pile of bonus offers – over $250 in free products and discount codes! 

The Bundles in MY Basket

my byb curriculum bundles

Curious to see what I’m choosing this year?  I definitely plan on purchasing several bundles as well! Here are the main ones I’m focusing on (and why). 

  • Elementary 1 bundle ($40) – my two main reasons for choosing this one are Masterbooks Elementary Geography program (value $49.95) and also WriteShop Junior D (value $71). The Heroes of History will be a great go-along for our US History studies next year as well as A Journey Through the Centuries of America. The Reading Journal in this also looks GREAT. WriteShop has been our FAVORITE writing curriculum so far and all four kids have used it with great results. Definitely much to love in this bundle.
  • Character and Bible bundle ($20) – my main picks from this one include the Honor Club curriculum ($29.95), Parenting with Proverbs ($9), A Content Heart ($29), and the Picture Smart Bible OT ($49). The Honor Club curriculum is based off the book Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Arguing in You and Your Children, and we are definitely looking forward to that one (because – let’s face it – all kids can have stinky attitudes at times and we can use all the tools we can get!). 
  • Early Learning bundle ($20 – but free with the Buy 2, Get 1 Free option) – the primary reason I am purchasing this bundle is for the coloring book version of Picture Smart Bible ($47 value) and You Can Read sight words ($10) for my nieces/nephews. While we have used the older children’s version of Picture Smart Bible, Kaleb would prefer these coloring pages (which I skipped purchasing before) because I didn’t think he would like them.  

Note: While I did look at creating my own bundle for $59, for $1 more I was able to get two of the larger products (WriteShop and Picture Smart Bible), so the above combo ended up being a better deal for me overall. 

Really – there is a LOT, and it is easy to get overwhelmed because of the bundle varieties. It took me quite some time to finally decide which bundles to choose (really, the Elementary bundle was never a question). Be sure to create and account and start browsing soon though in case you need time to think! Once you create an account, it will save your cart (don’t make the same mistake I did last year and forget to log in!). 

If you have any questions about the bundles or the sale, feel free to email and ask too! 

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. I’m assuming these are all downloads? I’m with you…it’s confusing!

    • Yes – all download. It would be fabulous if physical products, but publishers would go broke between printing costs and shipping based on the volume of sales. Digital format means they can be HUGELY discounted so we can all benefit. :)

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