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Using Page Protectors to Reuse Workbooks

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Updated: Please know that there are MANY workbooks that are under copyright protection and you SHOULD NOT use this method with. There are companies and workbooks that will allow this method to be used. When I began homeschooling I was blindly unaware of copyright infringement, but over the years have been made aware of what exactly is legal and not legal. I realize that we all interpret things differently, but the law is still the law, so PLEASE be sure that you are not breaking it just to save a dollar or two. Wrong is still wrong and we need to be careful in all that we do. If you have questions regarding copyright and fair use, be sure to check out www.homeschoolcopyright.com to see what is {and is not} ok to do.

This idea has been floating around with homeschool moms for years, but it is one that bears repeating in case you haven’t caught it yet.

Page protectors are a lovely asset to homeschooling and being able to reuse workbooks.
Recently we started using Language Smarts C from Critical Thinking and although you can copy the workbook, it is in full color. It would probably be cheaper for me to buy another workbook rather than photocopy each page.

The solution? I had the binding cut off the book {around $3 at Staples}, hole punched the pages and now have it nicely stored in a 3 ring binder.


When one of the girls needs to complete one of the pages, I can pull the pages out of the binder and slide them into a page protector.


They use Vis-à-vis markers or dry erase markers to complete the worksheet, I check it, and then they can wipe the sheet clean. The worksheet then is put back in the binder to use later {and yes, I did help McKenna correct the good/well mistake below…}.

The Vis-à-vis markers wipe off easily with a damp cloth and the dry erase markers wipe off easily with a child’s finger, so you can choose which one would work best for your family.

Just wanted to share a little something that has been a big help in our homeschool time!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. The free downloaded version of homeschool tracker, is this a part of the Critical Thinking curricula or something anyone can use for any curriculum? Thank you!
    Tonya @ catanne@neo.rr.com

  2. omg wow I was just worrying about cost of copying all my workbooks so my kids don’t write in them!! what a great idea the protectors are thanks u so much!

  3. Have you tried them with Math worksheets? We are using Horizons math for third grade, I’m finding that it just isn’t working for us…..

    • hmmm…have you tried using vis-a-vis markers instead of dry erase markers? we’ve had better luck with those, but don’t use them for math.

  4. This is exactly what we do with workbooks. Our kids are 5, almost 4, 2, and almost 1, so workbooks will be getting a lot of reuse :) For more precise writing we like the Vis-a-Vis wet erase markers (they tend to write finer).

  5. eloquacious says

    We have two ClearVu PaperSaver covers from ETA/Cuisenaire. (Now called Hand2Mind I think.) You have to rip a seam slightly to get it over the whole page, but the magnets at the top hold it tightly and the plastic is thick and easy to erase. http://www.hand2mind.com/catalog/product?deptId=&prodId=76182&wotrl=onlinecatalog

  6. Joann – Thanks so much for sharing!! Those are great!

  7. Daniel Turissini says

    I don’t. See how this method violates copyright. It is your workbook and if you wish to keep the pages clean that is your right. There is no rules stating that you can only write directly in the workbook.

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