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Time 4 Learning {Review}

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time for learningLast year our girls had a chance to play on the Time 4 Learning site, but this year it was Zachary’s chance to have a little fun! He was most willing to oblige too and was rather persistent in requesting to play.

What is Time 4 Learning?

Time 4 Learning is an online PreK – 8th grade curriculum that can be used a supplement to your current curriculum or even as your entire curriculum for language arts, math, science and social studies. The curriculum is tailored to each of your children’s educational needs and levels and includes animated lessons, interactive activities, unit assessments, and printable worksheets for reinforcement (and it is ad-free!). Lessons are also correlated to standards in all 50 states.

The preschool curriculum offers two different levels of difficulty and covers 40 different topics including: shapes, numbers, feelings, human body, insects, color mixing, weather and much more. Our boys started on color mixing because we had just finished a unit on rainbows ~ and even Kaleb {age 3} was helping out.

time for learning preschool

Parents have the ability to log in and print automated progress reports for record keeping or portfolios. You can also see how your children are doing in all the areas that they are using, and see what areas they need to focus more attention/time on. There are lesson plans and a scope and sequence also available for parents to access at any time.

My Thoughts

The program is very interactive so kids don’t realize that they are “learning”. The activities were much fun, the graphics were fabulous, and Zachary was able to work through the program with little help from me. When his time was up, I could log on and print off reports to see exactly what he did while on the site ~ and make any adjustments for the next time he was online.

While Zachary did enjoy the program, $19.99 a month would be a bit steep for us to pay every month  ~ unless we were using it as our core curriculum, which we wouldn’t. I don’t think I could envision having him on the computer that much {nor would I want him on it that much}.

Find Out More

Time 4 Learning offers a free 14 day trial of the site, lesson demos, a scope and sequence of their lesson plans, and also a parents forum for those that are using the site. If you’d like a quick video demo of the site you can click here.
The cost for Time 4 Learning:

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This product was given to me for review purposes, and I do not have to return the product to the vendor. I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.


This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. anonymous says

    We’re doing K-12 iAcademy and I do love that its lessons are very enriched with age appropriate lessons, go at their own pace, some are interactive. It allows extra lessons for the gifted or you can skip optional lessons. However, for my SPED child, it also requires me to be one-on-one with him since he cannot read at age level. I’d have to choose grades below or modify and then it is no longer worth it. I wish they could combine k-12 with Time 4 Learning. Interactive lessons when first introducing the information seems to be what makes learning fun.

  2. I`m using time4learning and heres the positive and neg. that I`ve found.

    1) For older ADD child it just did not work.  It could not hold his attention at all even when I sat with him.
    2) For the first grade reading program the teaching voice  has an annoying nasal accent.  I prefer no accent for an English program. 
    3)  Customer service is not interested in customer feedback.  They just want their money but don`t care about improving the quality of their program.  If you point out something, they ignore it or they say they have no control over the program so they can do nothing.
    4) The first grade math program is terrible. It is just all over the place with no consistency or building on one lesson on top of the other.  The first day is counting to 100 which is done very briefly and then the child is supposed to know with one introduction to numbers what comes after 69 or what comes before 80.  The next lesson is fractions.  The next lesson is addition, etc  So the lessons are just all over the place. 

    1) The kindergarten and 1st  grade reading program is well animated, colorful and holds the interest of a small child so learning is fun and all the reading program is based on games.  For example you have to shoot the word “the” or you have to knock down the short e sound.  It`s a fun way to learn for children but with short lessons.
    2) I think the price is good.
    3) I like that it has a daily and monthly progress report. 

    Summary: I use it as a supplementary study tool not as a full homeschool program.

  3. I am trying to figure out is time4learning is a good fit for this year.  I have been sick for 7 months,  so my homeschooling has not been too up to par.   i just was doagosed with lymes disease so there is no telling how i will be this year.  I am determined to still homeschool and am trying to find a phonics/program to do online. I already have all my curriculum set,  but may have days i am too sick to use it.  I thought time4 learning may be a good fit so my 2nd grader does not fall behind.

      Does anyone know anything else i should be considering?  i mostly just want a reading/phonics.  we use the ordinary parents guide to reading and the  Phoincs book from MCP.  dont have any phonics readers though and feel she needs to be reading more.  

  4. im a 11 year old kid and i do not like time4learning it is very hrd to sit down and do it for 4 to 6 hours for older kids like me it wouldent be good butt for little kids it would be good

  5. time 4 learning has really been a fun educational learning for my seven year boy he is already spelling and writing his letters. He is so eager and the learning is so easy for him and time 4 learning makes it funand easy for rufus to learn thanks so much time 4 learning!!!!

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