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Preschool Corner ~ No Bells and Whistles

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I can tell you all honestly that things aren’t always all bells and whistles here. :) There are weeks when I feel like I pull out all the stops…and then others when we’re doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Not to mention the weather was GORGEOUS this week, so we took a nature walk and got LOTS of exercise!

Zachary was chomping at the bit to go outside every day, so he was literally throwing work on the table and begging to do things ~ as in three math pages a day {thinking he was getting off easily…}.  Because he was so eager…he failed to realize that he was doing some rather lovely subtraction problems ~ and he was doing them well.

Reading well…and learning more verses to finish up his Awana book {he was so proud}.

Little Mr. Kaleb had much fun doing some practical learning this week ~ sorting clothes with Mommy. Short sleeves vs. long sleeves. Shorts vs. pants. Jackets vs. sweatshirts. Girls vs. boys. Lots and lots of sorting. Helping Mommy wash clothes {lights and darks} and organize. The boy loves to help organize! :)

Despite the fact that we’re technically near the end of the year, we’ve switched around our routine a little bit so that the boys are doing all of their ‘stuff’ with me at the beginning of our day ~ after our calendar time. When we’re done, they have a set activity to play together and then have free time while I work with the girls. All in all, it’s working out much better for us all and it’s been one of those ‘duh’ weeks for me {as in, why didn’t we do this sooner?}.

Before I forget, here are a few more alphabet crafts. Click on the picture to go to the ABC post.

Penguin craft Quail craft

Rabbit craft Snail craft

How did your week go? :) Did you conquer a MOUNTAIN of activities or go from day-to-day and have fun together? Leave a comment and let me know!

Don’t forget that we’ll have a bunch of great giveaways linked up here starting Sunday. I have a couple preschool-related giveaways planned, so stay tuned!

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Amanda Boyarshinov says

    I just adore penguins and learning about them. This week I posted 101+ activities and crafts to do with a penguin theme and included a link back to this post. It was sooo cute. I hope our readers stop by and visit your site! Thank you for inspiring others to craft, learn, and connect with their children.

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