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Two Books I’m Loving Right Now

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With the start of the new year, my book list of things I’d love to read is growing. As I sort and choose the different books to see what will make the list, there are two that I’m reading at the moment and really enjoying.

The Well-Versed Family

the well versed family

Scripture memory is something that I believe is not just important for me personally, but I especially desire to instill a love for God’s word in our children. Confession – this is an area that I’ve let slide a bit as the boys learn verses at church and the girls work on their own devotion time. From my own experience and life though, I understand how pivotal different passages have been to me and have created many Bible verse printables for our children in the past.

This year the boys and I have been reviewing many of the verses we’ve learned and together the kids and I are working on new passages together. The Well-Versed Family (aff link) has been a gentle and wonderful reminder of WHY we are doing it and is also full of resources, tips, ideas, and key verses to learn together as a family.

A funny sidenote: there was one section of the book where the author recommended Seeds Family Worship (aff link) and while reading an excerpt of a mom who adores Seeds, I was nodding my head along and thinking “This is EXACTLY how I would say it too!” – turned the page…and realized it was a quote from one of my blog posts! HA!

Teaching From Rest

Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie

I started reading Teaching from Rest the end of last week and immediately ended up purchasing the companion journal and audio downloads to use as well. So far I am really enjoying Sarah’s writing and the book overall. We all have in our heads what the ‘ideal’ homeschool day looks like, and trust me when I say – mine often is FAR, far, far from that ideal. This has been a gentle reminder of the surrender that is needed from me – and the rest and peace that are available.


These are the first two books on my list for the 2016 year (I’ll share my full list soon), but I am so glad that I started the year off with these two and my focus is moving in a better direction overall. Both were exactly what I needed at this point in our school year as well. (I love it when that happens.)

What are you reading and enjoying right now!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. ChasingSlow.net says

    I really like reading Teaching from Rest. I got a little bit more insight into finding rest in my homeschool days and not just trying to find it in life :)

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