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To a Peaceful Month of March

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Beyond Ordinary marriage book

You know the saying March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb? Let’s just say, I would love for it to come in and leave like a lamb. It would be fabulous for crazy to take a back seat in our house. Somehow I thought that February would be a little more peaceful in our house, but managed to forget that my hubby had a conference he was helping run sound for and would be MIA for a few days. Note to self: figure out how to PROPERLY sync our two calendars before we miss something major happening.

One thing that I am SO very excited about has been my sleeping. I know it seems trivial, but for almost the past two years, I’ve had a LOT of trouble sleeping at night – to the point that I was needing a sleep aid. This past month I have completely stopped using them {woot!!} and I cannot tell you how excited I am about that! Again, I know that it seems silly in some ways, but this has been something weighing on me huge and it is so nice to be sleeping normally!

In other news…

  • In reading non-fiction, I am making progress on THREE non-fiction books {because I can’t read one at a time and keep life simple} -  Unglued, The Praying Life, and a new one to start with my hubby called Beyond Ordinary. I’ve been sharing my favorite quotes via Instagram, which has been MUCH fun.
  • I started a few new printables, but with time crunches, it was put on the back burner. This is on the docket for THIS month once our computer woes are solved. Still transferring to a new laptop {and I forget how much I dislike doing this until I have to do it}.
  • We are back on the reading-aloud wagon!! Although I apparently grabbed the wrong book to read {a friend recommended one to me and I ordered the wrong thing}, the kids and I are still enjoying The Wide-Awake Princess and getting back into the groove of reading together.

Some Fabulous Companies to Thank

HEAV Homeschool Conference T4L_Jan2013_125x125_a Photobucket
Compass Cinemana Behold the Lamb wreath


2013 Virginia Homeschool Convention – June 6-8, 2013 – Home Education: A Bountiful Harvest. Keynote speakers Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. HUGE Exhibit Hall, Used Curriculum Sale, workshops, teen track, graduation, FREE how-to-begin sessions, and MORE. Practical, hands-on, and encouraging!

Time4Learning – Perfect for homeschool, afterschool, and summer skill sharpening, Time4Learning’s award-winning prek to eighth grade curriculum combines the technology kids love with the education they need to make learning fun!

Maestro Classics ~ introduce great music and classics stories to children with this classical music series. Don’t miss their newly released Carnival of Animals that you will want to check out!

Apologia Educational Ministries ~ producing resources to help homeschool families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith.

Compass Cinema – producing story-driven media with an aim to educate and entertain through dramatic films, homeschool curriculum and training videos.

Behold the Lamb Wreath from Family Life – a gorgeous 15” metal wreath to display in your home as your family talks about the eight ‘I AM’ statements of God during the Easter season.

Plans for the Month of March

This month I will be headed to Baltimore for a Real Refreshment Retreat and am excited to meet some more online friends, catch up with a few others, and just soak up some great teaching from veteran homeschool moms. This next week we’ll also be tackling a big mini-society project for Laurianna {yikes!}, and I’ll be gearing up for a used curriculum sale with our co-op.

On the home front I am determined to actually print off some pictures that are just sitting all lonely-like on our computer. I shoot so many pictures and am horrible about printing them off!! Now that painting in our house is done {phew}, it would be great to have pictures of our family hanging up around the house, don’t you think?

On the blog front, I have some GREAT giveaways coming up for you all, a printable {or two} to share, and some other fun posts in the works that I can’t wait to share with you all!


What do you have planned for the month of March?


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Time 4 Learning – combining technology with education to make learning fun for kids!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. whew sounds like March wont be much slower! Planned this month I have a new blog design going into place, several family birthdays, and lots of house projects I need to get done!

    • btw – Kaleb was very sad that Sammy wasn’t coming home with us yesterday afternoon. He thought for sure you guys were coming back to play! :)

    • aww! We will have to get together again soon and let them play! BTW planning on making Sammy’s birthday party on April 20th to make the IRL hang out the next weekend!


  2. Would you mind doing a post how you were able to start sleeping normally again? Did you make some changes in your routine, diet, etc.?

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