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The Week the Laptop Broke

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Preschool CornerThis was going to be the splendid, wonderful week where we uploaded all the fun new Lego software to the computer and also had some more fun with Little Passports, but unfortunately the kids computer went kaputz and I was too scared to let them TOUCH mine for fear it would all go downhill quickly.

So instead we just had a normal week. No crazy bells and whistles. Just snuggle time and reading together – and school as normal. There may have been a few tears because we couldn’t do what we thought we were going to do, but it was still all good.

Learning about Observation and Sorting

science sorting

During science time {with Nancy Larson Science K} we’re learning about sorting objects {this week we talked about sand and rocks as well}. We pulled out the magnifying glass to observe the tiny grains of sand and also talked about different ways that we can sort objects. Can you guess what the easiest way was to sort sand and pebbles?

Building Gears with Legos

working with lego gears

We worked on a different gear sequence this week with our Simple Machine Legos set. I love that even I’m learning a few terms through this as well. While I understand how it all works, talking through it with Kaleb is very fun and he really enjoys being able to build with Legos.


Looking at the picture above, can you tell which of the three gears is the drive gear and which one is the idler gear?

Moving Along with Reading

kindergarten reading

Again, a little confidence boost for Kaleb this week when he really kicked into reading more fluently with our reading program. I truly love this part of homeschooling and seeing everything ‘click’ with our kids!!

Just so you don’t think it’s all ‘roses and sunshine’, Tuesday of this past week Kaleb had a monumental meltdown over reading – to the point that we left the schoolroom and had to sit somewhere else for some time. We didn’t go back to reading that day, but when we sat down on Thursday, it was smooth sailing.

Note to self: I really need to remember too that he does SO much better when we start off with some subjects rather than waiting til the end of his school time to do them. We were starting with reading before Christmas and somehow after Christmas forgot about that – next week will change!

Photo Booth Fun

Rainbow Background Test (10 of 46)

Rainbow Background Test (18 of 46)

Did I mention we’ve been having a little Photo Booth fun in our home? Laurianna has been working on a project for co-op and needed some guinea pigs, so the kids were more than happy to help her out and be goofy, especially Kaleb. {I’ll be sharing more about the photo booth soon!!}

Rainbow Background Test (27 of 46)

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  1. Thank you for all your hard work hosting – Alice @ Mums Make Lists

  2. It is great when the reading lessons finally click!! Charger is sooo close. He can read, but doesn’t seem to know it.

  3. Love reading about your week — love that #legolearning ;-)

  4. Angelue' @ Nestpirations says

    Thanks for your inspiration! We used your Peter Pan printables this week. Since Peter Pan is it at our house right now, my girl loved every bit of it!

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