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Jesus is the Good News ~ What’s In the Bible? Vol. 10

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We’ve been on a tv break in our house, but when Jesus is the Good News, the latest volume in the What’s in the Bible? series arrived…well, it didn’t take long for the wrapping to get peeled off. And fully enjoyed.

What's in the Bible 525

Jesus is the Good News

In this latest installment of the What’s in the Bible? series, children are introduced to the New Testament and the coming of the Messiah. Through songs, puppets, and more the first four books of the New Testament are explored and explained in a way that children remember and enjoy.

Phil Vischer and his team have done another amazing job with this DVD. Our kids are learning more about the 400 years between the Old Testament and the New Testament, the arrival of the Messiah, the life and ministry of Jesus, and how the first four books of the New Testament are similar, but each have their own unique perspective on the life of Jesus.

This is a fabulous DVD to watch as well in preparation for Easter too!! The message of salvation and how Jesus was the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies – I’ll be honest and tell you that it made me cry. :)

Take a minute to get a glimpse for yourself…


One of the things that I really appreciate about the What’s in the Bible? series is that they don’t water down things for children. They really go deep and teach  concepts that seem difficult, but do it in a fun way that engages children. We don’t just put these DVDs away in the cabinet and forget about them, but learn from them each time we watch them {parents included}.

My kids want me to be sure to tell you – watch the outtakes and bloopers. They are hilarious and will give you all some great laughs!

Grab the Coloring Pages Too!

If you have kids that enjoy coloring, there are some fun coloring pages to use with Jesus is the Good News.

Jesus is the Good News is available now from What’s in the Bible – order your copy today!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. I’d probably choose volume 1 since we haven’t seen any of them, but would be just as happy with volume 10 :)

  2. We’d love Vol. 10…we’ve seen 1 many, many times!

  3. I think I’d like Jesus is the Good News — seems pretty timely!

  4. honestly, my kids haven’t seen any of them, so either would be fun.

  5. We haven’t seen any of them, so I would love to get the one that starts at the very beginning!

  6. We haven’t seen any of them (but have the Christmas one!), so I would probably want 1, start at the beginning!

  7. We’d like volume 10, please!! So nice for the kids to learn about the Bible in a fun way!

  8. Meggen Devlin says

    Have all 1-9 DVDs. Would love to add volume 10 to our collection!

  9. I would love to win volume 10 we have loved watching our way through this series!

  10. We’d love volume 10. My kids have been loving the first 9 and can’t wait to start the New Testament!

  11. I think Volume 1. We haven’t seen these yet and I hear great reviews about them!
    Nicole Ross

  12. We’re going to start at the beginning! Volume 1 please!! :)

  13. Volume 10! It’s the only one we don’t have. :-)

  14. Volume 10 please!

  15. We love Homeschool Creations & What’s In the Bible!! What a great combination – and we’d love the opportunity to win Volume 10! :) Thanks!

  16. I think we’d like volume 1. Well, we’d like any of them, but we’d like to start with volume 1! :-D

  17. Volume 10! We also love this series and also agree that it’s great that they don’t water down facts or skip some hard concepts.

  18. We would love an opportunity to get volume 10! We have volume 1 and really want to get all of them little by little. This would sure help! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  19. sounds like a great kids friendly bible series :-)

  20. Vol. 10! We have the other volumes and they’re excellent!!!

  21. I would love to win Volume 1

  22. Volume 10. We already have 1 :)

  23. I would love to win volume 10. This looks awesome!

  24. oblivion219 says

    Volume ten please. :-)

  25. Karen Robuck says

    Volume 10.

  26. Debbie Henry says

    i would prefer volume 10. Thank you for the opportunity.

  27. Volume 10, as I just purchased Volume 1.

  28. vol 1 but either would be great. thanks!

  29. We have the whole set of these Dvd’s! They are great!

  30. We would love to win volume 10! Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. We would love to either! These are on my kids wish list!

  32. Definitely volume 10! We own volume 1 already and it’s great! My oldest is just the right age for it :-) Can’t wait to buy more, but to win one would be great!

  33. Both!!! We would love to have the whole set!

  34. Jessica Hazle says

    vol. 10 please:)

  35. Angelue Hamilton says

    We would love volume 10. We have 1, 2, and the Christmas DVDs and we have learned so much!

  36. I would love volume 1 – start at the beginning

  37. Volume1! I like to go in order!

  38. Rebekah Kuriakose says

    We would love vol. 10. We are working through 1-9 and they are awesome!

  39. Volume 10! We just finished the Old Testament DVDs last month and my kids have been asking what’s next? When do we get to see more!

  40. Would love vol 10 if I’m lucky enough to win

  41. Would love volume 10. Thanks.

  42. Would love volume 1

  43. Volume 1 would be great, thanks Jolanthe :)

  44. I would like volume 1.

  45. Would love to win volume 1. Haven’t heard of these before.

  46. I never heard about these before even though veggies are on all the time. Thanks!

  47. Shanna Carlton says

    We’d love to watch Vol. 1

  48. I’d like to win Vol. 10 :}

  49. Volume 1 would be greatly appreciated to introduce my 4 year old “What’s in the Bible?”

  50. Volume 1

  51. volume 10

  52. Oh boy, either one would be fantastic but if I have to choose, I guess volume 10.

  53. Would love to win vol. 10. We have vol. 1-6 and the Christmas DVD and love them. Thanks for this opportunity.

  54. volume 10 please!

  55. I would love volume one!

  56. Volume 10!

  57. I would love to win Vol. 10. Thanks so much!

  58. I would love vol. 1.

  59. Volume 1

  60. I’d love volume 10!

  61. I would love volume 10!

  62. I have the rest, would love volume 10 :)

  63. Hillary Gould says

    I would love to win Volume 1!

  64. I would like the Vol 1 DVD. We have not seen these yet. You always give such nice stuff away! Thanks!

  65. Would love Jesus is the good news!

  66. We would love Volume 10!

  67. I would like to win volume 1.

  68. We’d love either- but would really like volume 10.

  69. Hi. I would like volume 10 please :)

  70. Vol. 10 please. :)

  71. We would love to have volume 10 in time for Easter!

  72. We’d love volume 1. We have Why Do They Call it Christmas and the kids love the video clips of these online.

  73. We already have vol 1 – would love vol 10!!

  74. I would love to have volume 10. It would be a perfect start to Easter.

  75. Either would be a blessing as we haven’t seen any of these. Thank you for a great give away.

  76. Volume 10!

  77. They both sound really good, but I would like to start with #1. :)

  78. Jamie Elmore says

    We have volume 1 so I guess I would go with Volume 10 for us. :)

  79. I don’t know that I can pick! I’d love to have either! I’ve heard so much about this series but we haven’t had a chance to try them out. Start with 1? 10 for Easter? I think I’d lean more towards 10, but still feel the pull of 1 :)

  80. Shelley Quiroz says

    I would like volume 1. Been looking at this series for a while and very interested.

  81. I would love to win the Volume 1! Thanks, our family loves the What’s in the Bible series.

  82. volume 10!

  83. Volume 10. We already have 1-3

  84. Vol 10!

  85. Volume 10, we already have 1

  86. Would love to win Vol 10! Please & Thank You!

  87. We’d love any of them, but I think Volume 10!

  88. Either would be great :)

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