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The Red Carpet Book Unit ~ PreK & 5K Corner

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The Red Carpet - Copy

Although I put the printables for the book The Red Carpet together at the end of last school year, we had a lot of other things that we did instead. I was really excited to do the Red Carpet book unit with Kaleb because we had read The Red Carpet by Rex Parkin several times together. {Note: I found a used copy on Amazon for a great price, but check your library too for this fun story!!}.

Not sure what the story is about? Here is Kaleb’s summary of the book:

“The doorman kicked the carpet and it rolled all over the city. It kept rolling and rolling. A bunch of policemen tried to catch it. Then it kept rolling still and the policemen were catching up to it. The boat came and the carpet stopped. The car came out and drove on the red carpet all the way to the hotel.”

Kaleb’s favorite part of the story was when the policemen were chasing the carpet to arrest it – because {as he says} “Would you arrest a carpet? No!”

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

The Red Carpet Unit-1-2

Probably one of the things all of the kids enjoyed was setting up a town and then using a red streamer to roll out the red carpet to welcome the Duke of Sultana to the Hotel Bellevue.

The Red Carpet Unit-1-7

I used chalkboard spray paint on some of our wooden blocks and then we added the names of different places around town after the Kaleb and I lined up streets.

The Red Carpet Unit-1-5

We used red paper streamers as our carpet and made it turn right and left all over town…just like in the story.

The Red Carpet Unit-1

Zachary found a car that looked so much like the motorcar the Duke was escorted in, so it was perfect for our mini-town.

Following Directions

Throughout the story we read about turning right and left and so many other forms of directions. This was a great chance for us to talk {and learn} left from right – we’re still practicing that! {grins}

The Red Carpet Unit-1-3

We also worked on following directions. One of the Red Carpet book Printables has to do with listening to oral directions and finding the correct object on a map. Kaleb really liked this one!!

Counting to 50 Cents

The Red Carpet Unit-1-4

We used nickels, dimes, and quarters to count fifty cents – a great chance to practice counting by 5’s and 10’s!

Making Pretzels

The Red Carpet Unit-1-6

The poor pretzel man in the story had his cart overturned…but we had to make pretzels for everyone. Kaleb wanted it to be a surprise for everyone, so while everyone played, he and I worked together making pretzel bites.

The Red Carpet Unit-2

He helped roll out the dough {not so much}, but did a great job cutting the dough up into little bits.

The Red Carpet Unit-1-8

We ended up with a big, yummy pile of pretzels to share with everyone. The kids thought they tasted great…I wasn’t quite as convinced. {grins}

Looking at Maps and More

The Red Carpet Unit-3

In the story, there are several different countries mentioned: France, the United States, England and also Japan. Kaleb and Laurianna put together a GeoPuzzle of the United States and found Washington D. C. on the map.

The Red Carpet Unit-4

We then pulled out our children’s world atlas and looked up the other countries in the story, put a star where the cities mentioned were, and labeled them as well {printable is from the Red Carpet Printables}. We pulled out our globe as well to see how far apart the cities were from each other.

A few more things {not pictured}:

~ We put together a ‘telegram’ to Daddy and talked about how telegrams were very expensive to send, so we had to make it short, but still make sense. Here was Kaleb’s telegram:


Dinner tonight fettucine. No soup. Cookies for dessert.


~ We talked about road signs and the different signs we saw in the book. When we were driving we went on a scavenger hunt for signs.

That {for the most part} sums up our week. We also used our vocabulary cards from the book, read the ‘telegram’ words {simple words from the story that Kaleb could sound out and are a part of the Red Carpet Printables}.




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  1. RockerMom a.k.a. Jennifer says

    Wow! You’ve made ME want to study this book. What a fun week!!!

  2. All of a Kind Family says

    Awww…brings back some fond memories!

  3. Madon Dailey says

    This is SO CUTE! Wow, you’ve put a lot into this, and so much creativity. Thank yo so very much.
    I hope to do this in a couple of weeks when I visit my grandchildren in Minneapolis.
    Take care,

  4. Awesome! Fabulous row!! Lots of good memories in the making. Love the block town – especially the chalkboard blocks ~ very creative. Well done!

  5. Kristina C says

    Oh, we may just have to read and row this one again! We did this probably over a year ago, and my son’s favorite part was the red “streamer” carpet. Ours ended up all knotted as it was rolled EVERYwhere in the house! : ) I really like the idea of using chalkboard paint on blocks! Genius! Thanks for sharing and creating printables!!

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