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Teaching History Through Audio Drama

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Our family loves audio books, but audio drama adds an extra element to a story that can’t be matched. Rather than a narrator reading a story with little added in, audio drama brings the story to life adding music, real-life sounds, and actors to portray different characters. These keep our kids on the edge of their seats (maybe the adults too) because they are filled with so much adventure and excitement. 

Our kids have grown up with Adventures of Odyssey and other amazing audio drama and over the last several years we have listened to all of the releases from Heirloom Audio. From car trips to time at home, the audio adventures remaining on our shelves are those that have the added element of audio drama, especially those from Heirloom Audio Productions. 

The Dragon and The Raven audio adventure from Heirloom Audio Productions

Last month we received The Dragon and The Raven, their newest adventure, and immediately had it playing in our van as we traveled. Based on the book The Dragon and The Raven by G.A. Henty, we followed the story of the Danes (Vikings) as they conquer kingdoms in England, and the Saxons try to hold them back. Set in medieval England, this is a story that reaches far beyond the battlegrounds, spilling over into family, royalty, defending your land, and men learning the importance of forgiveness. 

Hearing different battle formations explained and more deeply understanding the ongoing war between the Vikings and the Saxons, as well as ‘meeting’ King Alfred of Wessex. Over the course of two and a half hours our family was completely engaged in the entire story. The van was quiet and we all were learning as we listened. I LOVE that history comes to life through the ‘animated’ word and our family is learning while listening. What better way is there to remember great kings, battles, and the adventures of so long ago?  

Although we haven’t used it yet, there is also a go-along study guide to help children understand the storyline, vocabulary, and more about the author G.A. Henty and King Alfred the Great. We have used the companion study guide for Under Drake’s Flag and they are well-laid out and full of information for families! The inclusion of the study guides are a huge resource for families. 

Recommended: Ages 6 and up

Find Out More and Purchase for Your Family

Heirloom Audio dramas

If you are at ALL interested in these audio adventures, Heirloom Audio has a great special that includes their four audio dramas to date at huge savings. CLICK HERE to view the special and find out more (includes eight total audio books – 2 of each, one to keep and one to share, at $10 each CD set). 

Each CD set is normally $29.97, but different specials are available, including the special offer for my readers

Win a Copy 

Heirloom Audio would love to put a copy of The Dragon and The Raven audio adventure into the hands of one my readers! Would you love to start listening? Follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget below and enter! :) 

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We received this CD at no cost from Heirloom Audio to review. All opinions expressed in this review are our honest thoughts and feelings.

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Kristen Chipman says

    These look amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  2. These look great for our family!!! :)

  3. Lorianne Stogsdill says

    I do use audio books in homeschool, to help save my voice! We read so much! Our family loves Adventures in Odyssey, but we have not listened to any of these productions yet.

  4. We haven’t used many audio elements in our homeschool yet (our kids are just reaching the age that it will be useful). I am looking forward to using these!

  5. We have Under Drake’s Flag, and the quality of the production, as well as the story, is amazing. Parts are too intense for our youngest children, but you can’t beat this for older kids. (8+)

  6. Lisa Russo says

    These sound great. I will look into them even if I don’t win the book!

  7. Clara Towry says

    My children are still quite young, but my 4 year old son and I have enjoyed listening to focus on the family’s radio theatre. I haven’t heard of this before! Would love to win, but will be checking these out if we don’t! Thanks for the chance and for promoting a great product!

  8. We have not used these audio books. We usually listen to books on cd (Classics- squid family Robinson, Heidi, great expectations,etc) while driving cross country

  9. Sam Lehmann says

    This is in my cart! Thanks for the giveaway. See you at HEAV. Not working. Going Thursday for shark dissections and art for the kids and shopping on Friday. Homeschool prom for my oldest on Saturday and hubby is in Ny that weekend.

  10. We loved drakes flag! Audio stories are always a treat for my kids after they’ve finished all their work!

  11. My oldest 3 can about quote some of the albums and series on from Your Story Hour.. I think we own all the historical ones plus most of the rest.. They learned their history. Now our tag-along who is just starting school needs to learn his history.. Would so love to start him off with a new series..

  12. We’ve not listened to any of Heirloom Studios’ audio books, but we listen to classic literature in the car pretty much always. Occasionally, we listen to books during literature time of our homeschool, too.

  13. I had no idea anything like this existed! This would be so great for a couple of my children who are auditory learners.

  14. hollyferrero says

    We listen to audiobooks in car all the time

  15. These look awesome!

  16. We listen to dramas while driving to see relatives. We have Under Drake’s Flag. Excellent! Thank you!

  17. I got the “In Freedom’s Cause” and it’s a top notch audio drama!

  18. We love audio books…mostly use them to keep all of us entertained during the many hours we seem to spend in the car on the way to appointments, etc. Also reserve a pile of audiobooks from the library for driving to our annual vacation spot. Haven’t used any Henty books yet.

  19. jennifer mathesz says

    we haven’t had a chance to use audio books yet, but i’d love too

  20. We haven’t used a lot of audio material in our homeschooling yet ;)

  21. We mainly listen in the car…we’ve not heard of these yet. My kids are currently addicted to The Brinkman Adventures!

  22. Michelle t says

    Would love to check these out

  23. I’d love to win this! My kids would be thrilled.

  24. Carrie Cook Papon says

    I would love to have these! We drive about 12 hours each way to visit family a couple of times every year and we love audio books!

  25. I have used audio in my homeschool, primarily for history. We have listed to Jim Weiss stories and Story of the World. We have not listened to Heirloom Audio before, but are very interested in the stories they have produced. We just haven’t had the extra funds to purchase. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. Frances L says

    We listen to audio books/stories on our CD player or iPhone during dinners when my husband isn’t home – it keeps the kids occupied/in their seats and eating when I don’t want to lead conversation (we’re a quiet bunch).

  27. We use audio quite a bit in the car and at home. My boys love Under Drakes Flag and In Freedoms Cause! I like them too! We would love to add the latest to our collection.

  28. scribbleprints says

    We listen while driving in the car sometimes. So excited about this giveaway. My son wants to learn about Vikings this summer.

  29. Carla Marvin says

    I have been looking at these and thinking about trying them with my son. This would be a great way to get started!

  30. I don’t use very many audio books in my homeschool. I’m actually hoping to set up a good way to listen to the many audios I have on my computer.

  31. Charis Chapman says

    We love audio stories for car rides! I haven’t listened to any of these yet, but would love to try them!

  32. K Williams says

    We listen to audio book an time we have a drive longer than 30 mins. We also use audiobooks for anytime we need some quiet rest time.

  33. Shannon Milsten says

    Oh.my.word! These sound amazing :)

    • They are, Shannon. If you don’t win, definitely find a friend and grab the deal they are offering!! At $10/each it is SO worth it!!!

  34. Would love an opportunity to check this out!!

  35. Elizabeth B says

    I haven’t listened to any Heirloom Audio yet, but my kids love audio books! We still have a rest time for everyone in the afternoon and they each have their own device to listen to stories. We also play them throughout the day while they’re doing crafts or during free play time.

  36. I loved your review and have been wanting this for awhile! Thx for the giveaway

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