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The past few years have been exhausting at times. As much as I try to remind myself every child learns at his own pace, there is always a part of me that has felt like I’ve somehow missed the mark. Not done enough. Am failing as a mom and teacher. 

Mentally I set goals and even wrote a few general ones down at the beginning of the year for Kaleb’s reading, but day to day it was hard to see progress being made. And it was frustrating (for both myself and him) very often. 

“Daniel’s Duck” was one book on Kaleb’s list to read this year, and this past week he read a large chunk of the book with little pause. A page with this much text would have completely overwhelmed him only a few short months ago. He has taken huge leaps in the last bit and I am so thankful to be a daily part of it (even when there are days that have me wondering if I am failing my child).

Every day sees progress in some small way that over time adds up to improvement. It’s hard to see at times, especially when we are a part of the small steps leading up to those larger strides. Yes, it requires perserverance and sticking through those (maybe many) rough days, but progress is being made. 

Can I encourage you in this, if nothing else, today? Bit by bit, step by step. When it’s overwhelming, when you are tired, and when you are uncertain – the things you are pouring into your child’s life and heart are taking root and growing. Be faithful – and encouraged, parents. You ARE making a difference in your child’s life.



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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Ginger Swanner says

    Thank you! I have my own struggling reader. He has a motor planning disorder which first effected his speech and now his reading. Some days he breezes through and other days….it is just almost too hard. He is getting there, slowly, and I am so grateful to be part of it. On those really hard days I remind myself of how much harder this would be if he was in public school, being pushed beyond his limits and made to feel less than because that “all important test” is looming.

    • So true, Ginger. I love that we can work at his pace and be encouraging in all we are doing. Those moments of overwhelm can make it so much harder and I don’t ever want learning to NOT be enjoyable or fun.

  2. You have no idea how encouraging your couple of posts have been to me on this topic. I have one in 3rd grade whose still on a first grade level. Baby steps have been made this year and I feel we are on the edge of a breakthrough but I have been discouraged several times as I watch this happen. She is my 3rd to struggle but by now the other 2 had it. She has a bit to go. And yes, it gets discouraging. Thank you for this reminder. I needed it especially today.

    • Gwen,

      Hang in there – and I’m SO thankful it is encouraging you. This year has been the ‘click’ year for Kaleb and Zachary struggled so as well, but regardless it is discouraging many days when you want so desperately to help and it needs to work at their pace. Praying for you and yours!!


  3. Shannon Miner says

    Exactly what I needed to read this morning!!! I had a few tears last night talking to my husband about how hard this road has been and how much of a failure in I was feeling. Thank you. So much for tbe encouraging words!

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