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Illustrating Bible Verses ~ Teaching God’s Word

Illustrate a verse printable

This post is a part of my 10 Day of Teaching God’s Word series

My mind works well with pictures. I can visualize things and remember easily when there are pictures involved. Every single time I pass a field that has cows grazing in it, the following verses comes to mind from Psalm 50: 10-11…

for every animal of the forest is mine,
and the cattle on a thousand hills.
I know every bird in the mountains,
and the insects in the fields are mine.

Several of our kids operate the same way when learning and whenever possible, I try to include drawing or coloring in our lessons. Drawing pictures may seem like a super-simple way to  work on teaching God’s word and you are right!  Adding the ‘picture’ element to your Bible memory can be a huge help for children that are visual learners {I know it is for me!!}.

I put together this simple printable to share with you all. There are two pages in the printable, one with dotted lines for younger children and one for older children.


Illustrate a Verse dotted



Download the Illustrate a Bible Verse Printables

Have your child draw a picture to represent the verse that is being memorized and copy the verse onto the lines below. Each time s/he recites the verse to you during the week, put a check mark in one of the boxes.

That’s it ~ super simple! Try using it with your children and let me know how it works for you all too!

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