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Spiders and Praying Mantis ~ Moments to Remember

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Moments to Remember was developed as a simple way to look back on our week as homeschoolers and find photos that encompass the memories we want to remember. 

The week may have been tough, there may have been more bumps than smiles, but in the end these are the moments that keep us going, the ones we need to remember.

Yesterday morning, after a great rainstorm, we really noticed a spider web on one of the bushes near our front porch. The rain had really pronounced the web. There is this amazing tunnel and apparently a rather LARGE spider that resides inside {per the observation of one of our children}.

Praying Mantis on spider web-2

We camped out on the front porch {in lui of our regular science time} to see if we could lure the big thing out. We hunted for bugs and tried to see if one would get tangled in the web. We had at least five praying mantis’ on the same bush and thought that they might be the bait.

Not so….

Praying Mantis on spider web-1

It was SO amazing watching it get a bit stuck on the web, but chew it’s way out of the strands. Sadly, we didn’t get to see the spider in action, but we’re hoping to at least catch the praying mantis in action soon.

We’ll just have to see!

I love that we have the flexibility to just sit and observe and be amazed, changing around our school day to learn more about something unrelated to what we are studying. That is SO my heart for homeschooling. :)


Want to join in and share a fun moment? Link up your Moments to Remember at 1+1+1=1 this week!! This linky is for homeschoolers, or families who are keeping their kiddos at home during the early years {we consider you homeschoolers too}.’

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Jennifer Wilson says

    Be careful around that web. It may be a hobo spider, which are supposed to have terrible, flesh-eating bites.

  2. Carla Marvin says

    Jolanthe…girl you freaked me out with the thought of opening this to see a photo of some giant, icky spider (which really gives me nightmares!!!) … LOL I’ll admit I’m glad you didn’t catch it in time for a pic :) Although I do agree , what an awesome opportunity and so thankful we are able to have these kinds of moments!!!

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