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Over the years of homeschooling, I’ve either had someone ask me some of the stereotypical questions believed of homeschoolers (or been guilty of boxing someone into a stereotype myself). We joke about wearing denim jumpers, but how often have you been asked one of the following questions?

When do your kids get their socialization? 

Do you wear your pajamas all day? 

How do you do it? You must have so much patience!

Are you qualified to teach your children? 


If you are tired of the crazy questions and want to set the stereotypes straight, there is a fabulous way to let your voice be heard – the Smashing Homeschool Stereotypes Survey. In exchange for your responses, you will receive over $100 worth of homeschool subscriptions (no boring PDFs) PLUS a chance of winning $1000 cash.

The survey will take about 30 minutes to complete, but at the end you will be rewarded AND be entered to win $1000 cash (yes, please!). 

Why complete this survey?

  • Immediate access to over $100 worth of homeschool resources ranging from vocabulary and art to sign language and virtual field trips for all ages PreK to high school. FREE to all respondents — no strings attached.
  • A chance to win $1000 cash!
  • This survey is a chance to let your voice be heard. Let’s set the record straight about who American homeschoolers are — who YOU are — and what you REALLY value as a home educator. Enough of stale stereotypes and cookie cutter assumptions! This is your chance to reveal the vibrant diversity of the homeschool community.

Every respondent who completes the survey will receive over $100 worth of valuable homeschool materials absolutely free. These gifts are not PDFs you will download and forget about next week but access to top-notch videos, online courses, and live, interactive events that will enrich your language arts, history, art, and science lessons. Immediately after you complete the survey, you will have all the details needed to start your free subscriptions and enjoy these no-strings-attached perks.

Take the survey, and then get your kids settled around the computer to enjoy their free art, sign language, and vocabulary lessons. What exactly is included?

1. A free 60-day Field Trip Zoom subscription — choose from nationally acclaimed zoos, science centers, aquariums, and historic sites located all over the USA. The best part is you don’t even have to leave home. All you need to experience these live virtual field trips is the free access provided after you complete the survey and an internet connection. You can even show up in your pajamas if you like! Field Trip Zoom is getting rave reviews from the homeschoolers who attend. Some moms are rearranging their homeschool schedules just to fit in all the live events their kids can’t wait to participate in.

2. Words That Matter – complete 12-week vocabulary program with three grade levels covering all of your children grades 3-12! Build responsibility as kids boost their word power. This online curriculum is designed to be used independently by students with only minimal input from you, the parent.

3. Atelier Art Online – make art painless  with a free quarter of online visual art instruction with 8 options for ages 4 to 16. Excellently crafted video lessons guide your children through essential elements and principles of art including line, color, space, shape, texture, pattern, and balance. Students will learn drawing techniques, explore different art mediums, and be exposed to various periods of art history. With this subscription, there are no more reasons to avoid art!

4. American Sign Language (ASL) from Dawn Sign Press – online access to their full collection of six fairy tales (25 minutes each), brilliantly retold with modern twists and performed entirely in American Sign Language by a deaf cast. Kids of all ages will love the stories in the Once Upon a Sign series and will master several signs by the conclusion of each video.

5. Homeschool Planet digital homeschool planner – To make homeschool scheduling and recordkeeping stress-free, you get free 2 month access to a state-of-the-art, digital homeschool planner called Homeschool Planet. This powerful tool makes it a breeze do to lesson planning, track attendance, record grades, and even make transcripts. Select the daily digest option to send family members reminders of assignments or chores. You can even view and edit your calendar on your smartphone or tablet. This tool is going to rocket your productivity so you have even more time to enjoy all the great freebies you get when you complete the survey.

One lucky homeschool parent is going to win our big $1000 cash prize! Yes! $1000 CASH. Sure, you can spend it on your homeschool, buying curriculum, bookshelves, or a new computer for the kids. Or you can put that towards an amazing family vacation, pay off debt, or buy new tires. How you spend it is totally up to you if your 30 minute investment in this survey pays off with the BIG WIN.

So go let your voice be heard on the survey and claim your freebies! Oh, and good luck on that $1000 cash prize. Someone has to win! Why not you?!

Fine print: 

The survey is open to any adult residing in America (excepting RI and D.C.) who is currently homeschooling at least one child. You have until February 28 to complete the survey and be eligible to win the grand prize of $1000. Free gifts must be redeemed no later than May 1, 2017. Please see all terms and privacy policy for additional details.

  • http://homeschool.marketing/sweepstakes-terms-conditions/
  • http://homeschool.marketing/privacy-policy/

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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