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Get Your April Organized – April 2018 Planning Pages

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With Easter falling on April 1st this year, I wanted to get the April 2018 planning pages in your hands before the week gets crazy with Easter egg hunts and all the other good stuff.  

With spring officially here, it has me itching to get some things cleaned out of our house – and well SPRING CLEAN. 

I refuse to look at the boy’s room right now because it might make me want to curl up in a ball and cry. 

We’re getting close to the end of our year and our trip to the Netherlands mid-May. This April McKenna and I will be traveling to Atlanta together (I’ll be speaking at Teach Them Diligently the first weekend). Other than that, our weekends are actually open and free. Breathing room is what I like to see!


If you’d like to lay out your month, I have a free download of my April 2018 Personal Planner Pages – try them out this month and see how they work for you.  

A Peek Inside My Planner

If you’d like to take a look at how I’ve set up my yearly planner, I’ve explained it more in this post here, as well as given links to my favorite binder and colorful tabs (because pretty makes life fun too, right?).

Yearly Planner example from Homeschool Creations-5

This year I’ve done a little something different and pulled my planner out of the binder and had it spiral bound at Staples. It has worked wonderfully and I love it this way!!

April 2018 Personal Planner Pages

You can download the April 2018 Personal Planner Pages by clicking the green download button below. There are 14 pages included as a part of the download: the month at a glance and then weekly planning pages as well, with a portion that finishes up the month of February. Each month I’ll be offering a free download for that month’s planning pages, so you can check back and download them as they become available.

Download button


Purchase the Yearly Planner

Otherwise, if you like the layout and want to start planning out the rest of your year now (and 2018 as well), purchase the full Yearly Planner for $4.99. The calendar includes month-at-a-glance pages and dated weekly pages through December 2018. There is also a link to bonus pages and additional covers for the planner. 

Don’t miss my student planner and weekly homeschool planner – available as well!

Don’t Miss The Daily To-Do List

Daily to do list free printable

My Daily To-Do List is pretty basic, but hopefully it will work for you too. There is an area to make a list of things to accomplish, household goals, appointment, meals for the day, and even a space to record exercise and water intake. Each page in the document is identical so you can print them off, cut the page in half, and have two lists. If you print them front to back, you’ll have four to-do lists and save a little paper.

Hope you all have a wonderful month!! I’d love to hear your plans!


This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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