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Garden Sensory Tub

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Garden Sensory Tub-001


This week we’ve been talking all about plants and gardens in our house in our preschool gardening unit. To go along, I put together a sensory tub which Kaleb has LOVED…and to be quite honest, the rest of the kids have all been crowding around it too.


Can you blame a kid when dirt is involved?


20110323-IMG_8797  20110323-IMG_8796


Here’s a little look at what we put inside our sensory tub. Most everything came from our local Dollar Tree or the Target dollar section.

~ Large plastic bin

~ Bag of potting soil

~ Trowel

~ Set of 3 mini terra cotta pots

~ Bug magnifying glass

~ Fake plants and flowers

~ Pebbles {to use as seeds}

~ watering can {not pictured}

~ Plant card/stakes {printed off from the Garden Preschool Pack, laminated, and taped to mini popsicle sticks}

~ bugs…courtesy of our children and not required.

I pulled apart the fake plants and flowers so that we could ‘plant’ them in our garden. The kids had much fun planting and staking the garden, adding a variety of bugs to the garden, and later watering the garden too!


Stories & Books We Used


This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. This is so cute!!!

  2. “What a wonderful idea!!!!” I am a pre-school teacher and our lesson plan for April is Garden. Thank you so much for your wonderful site.

  3. I love this! We are covering planting and flowers, what great ideas!

  4. Very thorough unit – Thank you! I think the Bible verse is supposed to be Mark 4 not Matthew 4???

    • Kelly –

      The printable does reflect the correct reference. :) I just double checked to be sure. Thanks for helping though!


  5. mommaofthree236 says

    This is so cute! And I love the book selections too! – Jenna

  6. Anu Kurup says

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful resources. I appricate all the hard work you put into developing them.

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