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First Language Lessons ~ Poem Printables

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First Language LessonsGoing into last year homeschool convention I had no intention of changing my language curriculum that I was using with the girls.


After wandering the vendor halls for hours, sitting in on a session by Jessie Wise, and then thumbing through the book repeatedly I took the plunge and bought First Language Lessons Level 1 and First Language Lessons Level 2 to use during the upcoming school year with our girls.

The verdict after over half of the school year? We are loving it! These books  have found a permanent spot on our shelves and will definitely be used with our boys in the years to come.

First Language Lessons Level 1 and First Language Lessons Level 2 each have 100 lessons per year that are simple and completed orally with your child. Each lesson takes between 5 to 15 minutes, so there were days when we completed more than one lesson.

First Language Lesson Poem Printables

First Language Lessons Poem Printables

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Throughout both of the first two levels there are poems for children to memorize. To make it a little more fun, I made some poem printables to go along with our lessons.

When we’re finished learning a poem, the girls put a copy of them into a folder to refer back to later. They have also been helpful to use for copywork exercises. Each one is 8 1/2” x 11”. Here’s a list of the poems included in the printables:

  • “The Caterpillar”  by Christina G. Rossetti
  • “Work” by Anonymous
  • “Hearts Are Like Doors” by Anonymous
  • “Days of the Week”  ~ Mother Goose rhyme
    adapted by
    Sara Buffington
  • “The Months” a Mother Goose rhyme
  • “Mr. Nobody” by Anonymous
  • “The Goops” by Gelett Burgess
  • “The Year” by Sara Coleridge, adapted by
    Sara Buffington
  • “The Little Bird” a Mother Goose rhyme
  • “All Things Beautiful” by Cecil Alexander

Hope these help you out with your language studies!

In case you are working on First Language Lessons 3 or First Language Lessons 4, you can also find poem printables for both of those levels as well!

First Language Lessons 3 Poem PrintablesFirst Language Lessons 4 Poem Printables

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Melissa B says

    awesomeness!!!!! thanks for sharing! I just download, printed, and laminated these (so i could use them will all my kiddos!)

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  6. These are fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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  8. Sabaheta Alek-Finkelman says

    THANK YOU for being so generous in sharing this!!!! Its 1 am and i was just about to spend hours making my own, what a blessing!!!

  9. Darlene Collazo says

    Thank you for these! We love poetry memorization time. Thinking of making a poetry notebook with these :)

  10. Cassandra Dorman says

    THANK YOU!!! This is great! :) Cassandra @ theunpluggedfamily.com

  11. Sharon Orzechowski Weil says

    Thank you so much! I was going to do this very thing myself, but decided to see if by chance someone else already had made something similar available. I’ve used FLL for several years now and really like it.

  12. Thank you so much for these Jolanthe!!!

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  14. Thanks, these are perfect!

  15. Andrea Compton says

    Thank you!

  16. Thank you! It is several years later since you posted this and I just found this resource! So glad it is still here and that it is FREE! What a sweet gift. Thank you!

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