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Preschool Corner ~ An Ordinary Week

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Quick Note ~ If you downloaded the Skip Counting Charts I mentioned last week,  you might want to download them again. There were a few errors {ahem} that I fixed. I apologize for those of you who printed them off {the 4’s, 10’s and 11’s pages were the issues if that helps}. I especially apologize to Carisa who had already LAMINATED them. :)

The weather outside this week was GORGEOUS, so there was much incentive to complete schoolwork and be able to play. To soak up every possible minute, we even moved school outside for a little bit. Zachary and I spent time sitting together on our porch swing to read together. :) THOSE are the moments of homeschooling that I really do love!

Overall, we didn’t do anything super-exciting this week. Same old, same old routine. The basic subjects… just plugging along a little more at a time.


Zachary finished memorizing the Books of the New Testament and is now working on John 3:14. We’re talking about Moses and the Israelites and their time in the wilderness.

The kids are also having fun watching some new DVDs created by Phil Vischer called What’s in the Bible? {p.s. I have a giveaway for two of the dvd’s going on here!! ~ ends Sunday, March 14th!}.


We’re reviewing some things ~ matching uppercase and lowercase letters {we had fun using our uppercase/lowercase letter matching cards  found here}. This week was HUGE for Zachary in this area. We’ve been working on using only a capital ‘Z’ and the rest of his name in lowercase letters, but keeping them all ‘within the lines’ can be pretty non-existent. This week he sat down and worked independently ~ and did amazing on it.

Yep, it was a one shot deal, but he was so very proud {and so was Mommy!}.


Telling Time ~ Our skip counting charts {we’ve been working on the 5’s} have really been paying off, especially when it comes to telling time. Zachary is now working on telling time in 5 minute increments.

Money ~ Zachary is also in charge of our ‘money chart’ on our daily calendar now. We’re working on remembering the values of the penny, nickel, and dime.

Addition ~ Simple addition up to 9. He likes to use his fingers, but is getting better with the lower addition facts to do it in his head.

Identifying number names ~ Zachary used our number cards to match numbers with their word names {from 1 to 10 so far}.


There are times when Zachary {and I} get completely frustrated in this arena. One day reading is a most enjoyable time and others….well, Mommy might as well just go back to bed. :) That said, early in the week I just wanted to cry in frustration with the attitudes ~ so we just let it go. Two days later, Zachary picked up the Rocket Phonics books we’ve been using and read me a TON in the book, laughing and smiling the whole time.

We won’t tell him that he ended up reading way more than I had planned for him that week anyway…

He also read some to me from his Beehive Reader and was VERY excited when a NEW reader showed up this week! We also had fun playing with our Flip Along Fun book ~ don’t miss the giveaway that I have going on right now too along with a great discount code!


We reviewed one of our recent spelling lessons to make sure that we’ve got a few concepts covered. I’m working on a few printables to go along with our lessons, since Zachary was a little ‘jealous’ of some playdough mats that I made for Kaleb this week. I’ll hopefully have some put together to share with you all soon!


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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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