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Everyday EmmauelDecember is just a few days away and the Advent season is quickly approaching! If you are looking for a fun and uncomplicated way to celebrate with your family, be sure to check out Everyday Emmanuel, one of the latest resources from What’s in the Bible?

I love that the lessons walk you through step-by-step, even if you aren’t sure what to say or do {it’s all in there!}.  Everyday Emmanuel also includes online video clips to go along with the lessons {an added little fun for you!}. We’ll be using the 68 page pdf on our iPad, but printing off a few of the pages to use during our family time.

The Everyday Emmanuel book includes:

Everyday Emmanuel preview~ Countdown to Christmas Calendar

~ Weekly Advent Devotionals & Ornament Activity

~ Weekly Big Questions About Christmas & Discussion Guide

~ Family Activity Ideas

~ Seven “print and use” activities

  • ~ Online access to videos & additional resources
  • ~ Helpful tips to save you time & money

Wondering what ‘Emmanuel’ means? In the video clip from Why Do We Call it Christmas?, Clive and Ian share a bit about the meaning…

Our kids are really looking forward to this study during the month of December. We’ll be using it for our Bible time each day and know that it will be much fun ~ and a great learning time for all of us as we focus on the true meaning of the Christmas season.

Everyday Emmanuel is currently on sale for $9.99. We also recommend the dvd Why Do We Call it Christmas? ~  a great go-along for the whole family. Use the coupon code CHRISTMAS50 and get BOTH of them for $14.99 {that’s a 50% off savings!!}. Just add the code on the last page of checkout and the discount will be applied if you have both items in your cart.

Enjoy them with your family this Christmas season – I know we will be!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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