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Easter Story LEGO Challenge

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One of the co-op classes our youngest three are a part of this year is LEGO Challenge. There have been a variety of projects and challenges they have worked on in teams, but this past week was one I wanted to share with you all since it focuses on the Easter story and there is still time for you to work on it with your family.

Easter Sunday calvary card

Proverbial Homemaker has a free Easter Story Lego Challenge for download and the weekly co-op challenge was based on her printables (nope – I didn’t create it, but recommend it to you all).

Our co-op broke the kids up into small groups, and then we started. The kids weren’t given any instruction on how to build the scenes, but we read the Bible stories together and then broke up into teams to create different scenes based on the Scripture that was read. While we didn’t complete all of the scenes and do everything in this challenge as a group, it is something that we are going to work on the week prior to Easter.

Here are a few of the scenes that the kids put together…

Lego Easter scenes-12

Jesus washing the disciples feet….

Lego Easter scenes

The Last Supper (looks like a few disciples are missing…)

Lego Easter scenes-2

Jesus offering some BIG bread and wine.

Lego Easter scenes-3

The Garden of Gethsamane – notice Peter passed out next to the sword

Lego Easter scenes-14

the three crosses…

Lego Easter scenes-6

Soldiers guarding the tomb.

Lego Easter scenes-7

peek in the side to see where Jesus’ body is…

Lego Easter scenes-8

An empty tomb!

Lego Easter scenes-9

and the ladies visiting the tomb to find Jesus is gone!

Lego Easter scenes-13

I just LOVE that our kids are able to work together with their friends and be creative, learn along side each other, and also encourage others as they work (the olders with the youngers is fun to watch).

Lego Easter scenes-16


We have boatloads of Legos thanks to Craigslist and some great sets that we’ve purchased from Lego Education, but here are some LEGO suggestions if you are just getting started with Legos.

Now – go grab the Easter Lego Challenge Download before you forget! Thanks to Proverbial Homemaker for a great resource!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. ProverbialHomemaker says

    Thank you so much for sharing our lego challenge! I love seeing all those great creations. :)

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