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Easter Story LEGO Challenge

One of the co-op classes our youngest three are a part of this year is LEGO Challenge. There have been a variety of projects and challenges they have worked on in teams, but this past week was one I wanted to share with you all since it focuses on the Easter story and there is still time for you to work on it with your family.

Easter Sunday calvary card

Proverbial Homemaker has a free Easter Story Lego Challenge for download and the weekly co-op challenge was based on her printables (nope – I didn’t create it, but recommend it to you all).

Our co-op broke the kids up into small groups, and then we started. The kids weren’t given any instruction on how to build the scenes, but we read the Bible stories together and then broke up into teams to create different scenes based on the Scripture that was read. While we didn’t complete all of the scenes and do everything in this challenge as a group, it is something that we are going to work on the week prior to Easter.

Here are a few of the scenes that the kids put together…

Lego Easter scenes-12

Jesus washing the disciples feet….

Lego Easter scenes

The Last Supper (looks like a few disciples are missing…)

Lego Easter scenes-2

Jesus offering some BIG bread and wine.

Lego Easter scenes-3

The Garden of Gethsamane – notice Peter passed out next to the sword

Lego Easter scenes-14

the three crosses…

Lego Easter scenes-6

Soldiers guarding the tomb.

Lego Easter scenes-7

peek in the side to see where Jesus’ body is…

Lego Easter scenes-8

An empty tomb!

Lego Easter scenes-9

and the ladies visiting the tomb to find Jesus is gone!

Lego Easter scenes-13

I just LOVE that our kids are able to work together with their friends and be creative, learn along side each other, and also encourage others as they work (the olders with the youngers is fun to watch).

Lego Easter scenes-16


We have boatloads of Legos thanks to Craigslist and some great sets that we’ve purchased from Lego Education, but here are some LEGO suggestions if you are just getting started with Legos.

Now – go grab the Easter Lego Challenge Download before you forget! Thanks to Proverbial Homemaker for a great resource!

Simple Machines from LEGO Education

Fun with LEGO Education Simple Machines

Each and every one of our children loves LEGO® bricks – in any form. The summer months {ok, anytime of the year…} are a great time to get brains in motion, have hands creating and building, and introduce new concepts to the kids through LEGO® Education.

Six months ago, our family purchased the Simple Machines from LEGO Education to begin talking about the science concepts of gears, pulleys, levers, wheels and axles – and approaching those concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Over these last months, we’ve had the chance to build merry-go-rounds, go carts, catapults {and more} and in the process learn so much more about science and the technical side of things – all while having fun! Our time with the Simple Machines kit was one of this kiddo’s weekly highlights.


How We Are Using the Simple Machines kit from LEGO Education

Once a week we set aside time to build one of the 16 different activities that are included in the Simple Machines pack. The instruction sets and guides that come with the Simple Machines set are easy enough for children to work on independently and the teacher’s guide includes further details to explain the principles that are being built in the activity guides.


For example, after Kaleb built one of the gear activities, we worked on labeling the gears {crown gear, driver gear, etc…} and then the teacher’s guide provided additional material for us to work on together to show the differences that gear sizes make – and so much more {but I can’t show you the entire manual, now can I? – wink}.

LEGO Education Simple Machines-7

For each of the main activities that children create, there are in-depth worksheets to go along with the creations that require kids to dig a little deeper and explain the ‘why’ behind their models. Parents {and teachers} can see how much their children are retaining and understanding – and review any areas if needed.

Here are two video clips of Kaleb explaining the different parts of a catapult we worked on and a ‘test’ we tried with the catapult to see how far the load would travel.


Things We Love About Simple Machines

One thing that we really enjoy are the Problem-Solving Activities that are included at the end of each of the four main ‘units’ of Simple Machines. While there aren’t any step-by-step instructions for building the project, children have to use the concepts they have learned to design the modeled project. There are a few pictures for them to base their design on – but the fun is figuring out how it will all fit together and work!

Another thing that I personally love – the lessons are scripted. The program would actually be a great addition to any co-op setting as well as individual homeschool use. The worksheets are also available to reprint from the cd, so you can save print off a copy rather than use the ones in the manual.

This set has been fabulous for our hands-on learners. As the kids are creating, they are touching and learning through their play – which is really a win-win for all of us.

Included in the Simple Machines set from LEGO® Education


The Simple Machines pack has 16 activities focusing on gears, pulleys, levers, wheels and axles. The full kit, consisting of the teacher’s guide and building elements, includes the following:

  • 204 building elements
  • teacher notes and student worksheets, with tips, a glossary and more
  • 4 booklets for building projects
  • storage container for building elements

Recommended age: 7+

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I am a blogger for LEGO® Education. Our family purchased the Simple Machines set to use and LEGO® Education provided an additional set as a giveaway for my readers. I was not compensated for my review – we genuinely love the product and recommend it!

Using Legos in the Classroom ~ What are Your Tricks?

Using Legos in the Classroom

Our kids are a wee bit obsessed with Legos {one girl included}. Although I hear the phrase ‘pick your battles’ frequently from other moms, one BIG rule has been no Legos in the classroom. Otherwise I am stepping on Lego creations, little boys are getting distracted with the latest battleship they built, and our school time can quickly go downhill.

Until just recently.

After meeting some of the ladies from Lego Education, all of the kids worked on a small StoryStarter set. The point of this Lego program is to work on story telling and writing skills with kids – focusing on the overall plot and being sure to include a beginning, middle, and end to each story. That tiny bag of Legos turned into almost 5 hours of story creating. Every five minutes {I kid you not} one of the kids was running to show me another scene that they had created from the small bag of Legos.

Using Legos to Create Scenes from Stories

That one afternoon though launched an entirely new realm of creativity in a few of the kids. Zachary quickly started creating more scenes – this time different stories from the Bible. Can you identify any of the scenes below?

Abraham and Isaac Legos Moses in the Basket Legos
Crossing the Red Sea Legos Jesus on the Cross Legos

We are having so much fun bringing Legos into the classroom and I can’t wait to share more of the things that we are doing together.  This week I am asking the kids to build one scene from our history lessons. We typically have three lessons a week, so this will be a great way to see what they remember and how they interpret our learning!

Building Simple Machines with Legos

Lego Education Gears

Another little something fun I’ve been working on with Kaleb – gears and levers using the Simple Machine Legos set. We’re slowly working our way through this program, and he is enjoying the projects that teach science concepts on gears, levers and pulleys {and more}. Zachary will be starting this week on the Lego Education WeDo set that focuses on simple robotics.

Get Creative!!!

There are SO MANY additional ways to use Legos for Learning. If you doubt me, check out my growing collection of ideas on my Lego Learning Pinterest board. I may have gone a wee bit pin-crazy last week in searching, but it will get ideas going in your head for sure!

Lego Learning on Pinterest

One thing on our list to do now is create a stopmotion video. I’m trying out a few apps and will have to share what we create and learn using them.


Do you have a Lego enthusiast in your home? What creative ways has your family used Legos to help with learning?



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