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Simple Machines from LEGO Education

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Fun with LEGO Education Simple Machines

Each and every one of our children loves LEGO® bricks – in any form. The summer months {ok, anytime of the year…} are a great time to get brains in motion, have hands creating and building, and introduce new concepts to the kids through LEGO® Education.

Six months ago, our family purchased the Simple Machines from LEGO Education to begin talking about the science concepts of gears, pulleys, levers, wheels and axles – and approaching those concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Over these last months, we’ve had the chance to build merry-go-rounds, go carts, catapults {and more} and in the process learn so much more about science and the technical side of things – all while having fun! Our time with the Simple Machines kit was one of this kiddo’s weekly highlights.


How We Are Using the Simple Machines kit from LEGO Education

Once a week we set aside time to build one of the 16 different activities that are included in the Simple Machines pack. The instruction sets and guides that come with the Simple Machines set are easy enough for children to work on independently and the teacher’s guide includes further details to explain the principles that are being built in the activity guides.


For example, after Kaleb built one of the gear activities, we worked on labeling the gears {crown gear, driver gear, etc…} and then the teacher’s guide provided additional material for us to work on together to show the differences that gear sizes make – and so much more {but I can’t show you the entire manual, now can I? – wink}.

LEGO Education Simple Machines-7

For each of the main activities that children create, there are in-depth worksheets to go along with the creations that require kids to dig a little deeper and explain the ‘why’ behind their models. Parents {and teachers} can see how much their children are retaining and understanding – and review any areas if needed.

Here are two video clips of Kaleb explaining the different parts of a catapult we worked on and a ‘test’ we tried with the catapult to see how far the load would travel.


Things We Love About Simple Machines

One thing that we really enjoy are the Problem-Solving Activities that are included at the end of each of the four main ‘units’ of Simple Machines. While there aren’t any step-by-step instructions for building the project, children have to use the concepts they have learned to design the modeled project. There are a few pictures for them to base their design on – but the fun is figuring out how it will all fit together and work!

Another thing that I personally love – the lessons are scripted. The program would actually be a great addition to any co-op setting as well as individual homeschool use. The worksheets are also available to reprint from the cd, so you can save print off a copy rather than use the ones in the manual.

This set has been fabulous for our hands-on learners. As the kids are creating, they are touching and learning through their play – which is really a win-win for all of us.

Included in the Simple Machines set from LEGO® Education


The Simple Machines pack has 16 activities focusing on gears, pulleys, levers, wheels and axles. The full kit, consisting of the teacher’s guide and building elements, includes the following:

  • 204 building elements
  • teacher notes and student worksheets, with tips, a glossary and more
  • 4 booklets for building projects
  • storage container for building elements

Recommended age: 7+

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I am a blogger for LEGO® Education. Our family purchased the Simple Machines set to use and LEGO® Education provided an additional set as a giveaway for my readers. I was not compensated for my review – we genuinely love the product and recommend it!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Looks like a cool product.

  2. Brooke Johnson says

    wow…my twin boys would love these!

  3. My little builders would love the simple machines set!

  4. I’ve been debating buying these for a while because I know my boys would love them. We’d get the simple machines since they love building things to DO something.

  5. The WeDo sets look pretty cool. My boys loved the robotics stuff at HEAV. They would love a Lego education simple machines set. We are all about Legos and using them for homeschool would be an added bonus! :)

  6. Beth (Homeschooler) says

    We do Construction set looks amazing!

  7. Stefanie says

    My son loves Lego and I think it’s a great way for him to learn! Thanks!

  8. Fun!

  9. I’ve actually been eyeing the simple machines set because it would go along great with our science class this fall!

  10. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

  11. These are wonderful!!!

  12. Jenna DeMaria says

    I would love the Simple Machines Set with Teacher’s Guide for my son. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. If it is lego it is sure to be a hit with my kids! They would love this!

  14. My son LOVES Legos…Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  15. I know that my sons would love these. (maybe even the husband too!!)

  16. Rebecca_aka_Mamabee says

    The engineer gene is strong in our little one!! :) My 6yr son is just starting to get into legos, but he LOVES learning about gears and “being” like daddy, who is an engineer… this would be awesome for him!!

  17. The Simple Machines kit would fit perfectly into our years curriculum. Plus it’s LEGO and we’re huge fans.

  18. We would love playing and learning with this pack!

  19. My husband and I were talking about this the other day and how great this would be for your son for him in school. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  20. Aubrey Moore Stalcup says

    Man this would be perfect for my Lego master!!

  21. Teresa Reed says

    Awesome giveaway! My son loves Lego’s.

  22. Our homeschool co-op will be doing Lego Science. I would love to share this with the class!

  23. Isabel Z says

    I love hearing about products unfamiliar to me and this is one that my kids would love. Thank you.

  24. Heather H says

    We love Legos! I would love to get all the different architecture sets.

  25. Catherine Miller says

    Both my son and daughter love legos and we are just starting to learn about the ‘education’ sets. Can’t wait to try this one out!

  26. My kids would LOVE this!!

  27. My boys would love this. We will be learning about simple machines this year.

  28. Melissa B says

    My son loves math and science and we have been looking at purchasing LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT Base Set for his elective this year.

  29. We love Lego here!

  30. Would love to win this! Thanks!

  31. My kids would enjoy the StoryStarter kit. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  32. Jessica Nué says

    How neat! I have been using my old (1970s) and current Legos for some lesson plans, this would be a great addition!

  33. I would love to add this Simple Machines pack to my homeschool!

  34. Charis Chapman says

    I’d love to win simple machines for my 3 boys!

  35. catherine says

    How fun! Ohhhh and educational too!

  36. Lisa Mitchell says

    Wow LEGOS are our life so this would be nice to have for a cool homeschooling project.

  37. Bethanie says

    My boys LOVE LEGOS and this would be awesome! I’d love to be able to incorporate this into my homeschooling!

  38. Bessie Stewart McClary says

    We would love the simple machines set as it would go perfectly with the physical science we are doing next school year.

  39. Tammy Jones says

    My son would LOVE this! He loves Legos and he loves building things. The Simple machines Pack with Teacher’s guide would be great!

  40. My boys would love any of these!

  41. Wendy Powell says

    My kids would like all of them. But the simple machines are cool and the robotics.

  42. I would love the simple machines since it seems to be the best fir with Sammy’s age and understanding. :-)

  43. This year will be our first year homeschooling and we told our son that if he works hard when he turns 7, we’ll add this to our plans. He wants to start homeschooling this week. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  44. My boys would LOVE the Simple Machines set and a story starter set.

  45. Hope Marshall says

    We received the LEGO education catalog in the mail last week, and it has become the favorite around here! I would have to ask the kids which set is what they want…if they could narrow it down!!! Great giveaway!

  46. BoldTurquoise says

    My Roman would just be over the MOON if he got to do school with Legos! I am praying to win this one!!

  47. Such a cool giveaway!! Thank you!! Our family is a huge fan of LEGOS!!

  48. This is an awesome way for children to connect with simple machines! I’m so excited to get a set – and would love it to be a free one!!

  49. Shawna Bennett says

    I’ve been eyeing the simple machines set this past year. With three boys in the house these old be a great incentive for them to get their school work done quickly!

  50. The Lego Mindstorms Education robotics products for middle school look like just the sort of thing my rising 8th grader would go for.

  51. tiffani c says

    Loving the simple machines or we do set! Love legis!

  52. I think my children would all love the simple machines kit!

  53. Sweet! My son would LOVE this!

  54. Any would be wonderful, but simple machines would probably be my first pick.

  55. My son would love the motorized simple machine base set! So cool!

  56. Eva Varga says

    We are Lego lovers as well. The Simple Machines kit is on our wish list and would certainly augment our love of machines. :)

  57. Mary Flanders says

    The Simple Machine pack w/Teachers guide would be a wonderful addition to our school!!

  58. Thanks for sharing this cool giveaway, Jolanthe! I have been looking at this Lego set for my 9-year old son, and really wanted to hear from others who have at least tried it. I am excited about it!

  59. Kristi from NC says

    Thanks for this great giveaway! We definitely have some Lego fans in our homeschool :).

  60. Christy Herbert says

    My kids are just now finding out about Legos and they are totally obsessed!! The WeDo set about robotics looks fun or the simple machines. Or the story starters!! Oh, they would love them all! Best of all, daddy would love to help and get to be a part of school!!

  61. Deborah Milligan says

    Simple Machines would be perfect for my son!

  62. We would love to win the Simple Machines kit! That would be right up my 7 yr-old’s alley! Thanks for the detailed blog post to explain it better and for the giveaway opportunity!

  63. Cula Parker says

    I would love the simple machines kit! My son is obsessed with Legos, so we try to work them I with everything we do.

  64. I really don’t know which set my kids would enjoy most because I think they would enjoy them all equally. But if I got to choose, I’d choose the simple machines, energy, or robotics.

  65. WeDo Robotics!!!

  66. Any of the sets are wonderful. I would love to get the complete story starter set!!!

  67. I have this on our school wish list for this coming year. My 3 girls would love this!

  68. I would have to start with the Simple Machines Kit as it seems simple enough for the non-LEGO mama!

  69. Just one? We’d actually love the simple machines, because my son likes building something with a purpose!

  70. Melissa Shoop says

    Wow! How did I not know about Lego Education before?? Thanks for posting this! I think I’d choose the WeDo Construction Set.

  71. My boys would love the homeschool simple machines pack!

  72. Melissa M. says

    These sound so cool! I have been looking at them since you first blogged about them.

  73. Lynn Prucha says

    I have 3 boys and they all LOVE Legos!! We would love the simple machines pack- Ohhh the possibilities!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  74. My kids would love this!

  75. My son would greatly benefit from a simple machines set or any of them really! Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. My guys love legos, this would be so cool!

  77. The simple machines set would be fantastic (along with the teacher guide). We have these on our wish list….keep hearing rave reviews!

  78. cscheiern says

    i would LOVE to win this for my kids!

  79. bethstlaurent says

    We have another of the lego education sets. they’re so much fun!

  80. It looks like the simple machine set is the perfect wy to get started!

  81. My son would love the simple machines or the we do robotics set.

  82. I think the Simple Machines set looks great and we would love to have that for more hands on learning!

  83. katie dugdale says

    oh… there are just too many to choose from. my kids would love them all.

  84. My son and daughter love LEGOs! Next month is also my son’s birthday, and I need to get him a gift. This would be great!

  85. Chrissy Bryant says

    Oh man, do my boys ever wish we had these awesome learning tools!

  86. My son would love a mindstorm system

  87. Mrs. Warde says

    My 6 year old LOVES learning about simple machines!

  88. Dawn Fox-Das says

    My son loves Legos. He would spend hours with the simple machine set if given the opportunity.

  89. The Lego education stuff looks so fun!

  90. amber @ classichousewife says

    I drool over all these sets, but I’d probably start with Simple Machines, too, because I know my son would like this so much. I can’t do any more than drool over these right now. *sigh*…

  91. Oh, These are so fun! My kids would love the Simple Machines too. :)

  92. MMASpecialist says

    My daughter loves legos and because we only have one child and very limited income, we don’t purchase legos.

  93. This product looks like a lot of fun. Would love to win it for my 8 year old.

  94. Stephanie says

    I would love to win this set for my three boys! So enjoy your blog! Thanks

  95. Jamie H. says

    They all look great. I like the
    Homeschool Simple Machines Pack.

  96. I’ve really been wanting to incorporate this into our homeschool as you have done. I going to start saving up for Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and review!

  97. my son would love this


  98. jeanette says

    my boys will loooove this.

  99. Tammie Ulrich says

    I can’t believe how well LEGO educational materials and boys go together–visual, tactile, kinesthetic all in one! I love the Story Visualizer best.

  100. The simple machines or science stuff

  101. I can’t get this site to work. It keeps saying there’s an error on the page. I did see that there are Aerospace sets and my nephews and daughter would love those!

  102. Jennifer Rutledge says

    I’ve been looking at the Lego school kits for a while. My son LOVES Legos! I know he would enjoy this. Would love to win!

  103. Terri_mycreativepath says

    The simple machines set would be so much fun!

  104. Emily Quesenberry says

    The simple machines set looks fun and most relevant to my fifth grade and younger kids.

  105. Julie Knopp says

    The WeDo Construction would be great for my son!

  106. these look like so much fun. we love legos!

  107. Penny Oubre says

    My kids would love this!

  108. Leeandra Curry-Archdeacon says

    This is so cool! I really love the bins they come in, wish all legos came like that.

  109. I would love the simple machines set!

  110. I was really interested in the Homeschool Story Starter Pac – it looks fun.

  111. My boys love legos :)

  112. We’d definitely love the Simple Machines set here, too.

  113. jmettier says

    I would never see my son again with these around the house!! Too awesome!!!

  114. linda rose says

    We have the machines and mechanisms pack. Would love to get the WeDo

  115. great, fun tool for homeschool

  116. Carrie Cook Papon says

    My kids would LOVE to have the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT Base Set!

  117. Emma Roe says

    The site isn’t loading anything for me to see what sets are sold but I looked at their site a few months back and remember being amazed by it all! My kids are preschool and 2nd grade and they both LOVE building things with Legos. My daughter just learned about simple machines and how they work so I think getting one like for her would be a great way to boost what she learned and then for my son maybe some things to help with his understanding of math concepts since he is such a visual leraner.

  118. The LEGO® Education WeDo Construction Set.

  119. Kris Tutte says

    I’ve never seen these, what a great teaching tool!

  120. Kelli Wilder says

    Lego Mindstorms Education NXT Base Set!

  121. Leigh Ann Avera Davis says

    My boys would love this. I am teaching a Co-op class about simple machines and this would be great to use!

  122. Tracie Bauguess says

    I would love this!!

  123. Other than the simple machines I love the story starter set!

  124. I have been wanting to try the simple machines set in our homeschool and have looked extensively at them for the past two years. I have a middle school age student who also wants to learn about robotics. I have been looking at the Lego Mindstorms sets for him. Such neat opportunities for teaching hands on learning!

  125. My 10 year old son would love to have the we do construction set! This would be a great addition to our homeschool!

  126. I have to pick one?!? My boys would love any but the Simple Machines does look great! They love to build cars with the few regular legos they already have. To have gears and such would be awesome!

  127. Sheila C says

    Wow any of them would be great but probably something in the robotics

  128. I’d like the story starter center pack.

  129. M solomon says

    Thanks for sharing and offering this awesome giveaway contest, my son always enjoys his legos and our homeschool lego learning this would be awesome to add to our school this year!

  130. My kids would love the Homeschool Education WeDo pack. They love Legos!

  131. When people think of LEGOS, they usually think for younger children, but LEGOS have been one thing we have been able to use all through our children’s growing up. Even with a son in high school, he can create and use the blocks for all kinds of creative learning experiences.

  132. LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set

  133. Rochelle Franco says

    I would love the elementary solutions! Thanks!

  134. Teri Knight says

    That is so cool and I love the hands on learning. It’s the only thing that seems to really work for my kids.

  135. We love the Wedo set that we have. Would love to have the robotics or the simple machines. Thank you for a great give away.

  136. What a great giveaway! My kids love Legos, but we haven’t tried the simple machines kit yet. What a great way to incorporate learning with play! Thanks Jolanthe!

  137. We would love Simple Machines or WeDo from Lego Education. Thanks!

  138. I’d almost be more excited to win the “Simple Machines” pack than my five year old son! I’m thrilled when he asks me questions about how things work – he was not even two years old when he told his grandpa that the wheels on his wagon rotated and had an axle. This package would be well-used in our home.

  139. Would love to win the Simple Machines set for my 8 year old!

  140. This Simple Machines product would be simply AWESOME for my kids!!! Love it!!!

  141. Angela Gilbert says

    We’d love to have the simple machine set!

  142. My boys would LOVE any of the simple machines. They have wanted one for a LONG time.

  143. My girls would love the robotics because the oldest uses them at a local class. I would love the storyteller set. I would love to be able to afford these, my dream is to be able to even try out to be a Lego Education blogger. :)

  144. Kelley Watts says

    This is the kind of product that makes wonderful homeschool memories! How fun! My son would love this! Building a Lego project would be a great reward for completing his assignments. Great review! Thanks!

  145. This looks similar to the Lego Klutz book we have, but with so much more.

  146. Chris Rusanowski says

    I was looking at these last year! We already have some of the sets (Harbor and something else) I think we are almost ready to go for mindstorms!

  147. My kids would LOVE this! I think I see a fun weekly “extra” in our school week!

  148. What a fun giveaway! My 3 boys would loveit!

  149. Elizabeth Hemphill Dalfrey says

    We LOVE Legos!!!!

  150. Jenny Bilderback says

    I would love the Sceneries Set.

  151. The Simple Machines set looks like exactly what we need this year! I had no idea LEGO offered such sets.

  152. Wow, I can’t decide. They all lok awesome. I’ll choose if I win. :-)

  153. Kelly B @ In Everything says

    We worked on simple machines last year and I drooled over this set! It looks amazing and perfect for my hands-on learners!

  154. My son would love this!!!

  155. Nicole M says

    Simple Machines would get a lot of use in our Lego loving home! Thanks for the giveaway!

  156. Melissa Sears says

    We have been wanting to try these for awhile! It looks like so much fun….all while learning! :)

  157. Oh, how Simple Machines would add to our homeschool and how legos make all learning so much more fun!

  158. Caryn Block says

    We’d love anything from the Elementary age group!

  159. My son loves Legos! The Simple Machines Kit would be perfect!!

  160. Would love to win!

  161. Amy Osborn says

    I think the simple machines would be the place to start

  162. My family is a LEGO loving one! From our duplo bricks for the toddler to the movie-themed collectible sets that my husband has acquired to the LEGO Friends sets that my daughter absolutely goes giddy over. We love them all and it’s always a fun time when a new set comes home.

  163. I just added this to my Amazon wish list, what a neat giveaway.

  164. I’ve had my eye on the Simple Machines set – looks like it would be a great addition to our homeschool!

  165. Sounds neat!

  166. lauren thomas says

    looks great!

  167. Emily @OAAA says

    We want them all! :)

  168. Kathleen P. says

    Hard to pick from the group. These look like fun.

  169. Regan Hayes says

    This sounds great. My son would love to try the simple machines – as well as any other set.

  170. My oldest would love this!

  171. KateColvin says

    I would take any set, as we don’t have one yet!

  172. Story Starters would be awesome!

  173. Carl Axel Franzon says

    We do Mindstorms in our 4H club and it would be wonderful to have some stuff at home to use.

  174. Wow, this is an awesome giveaway! What a neat product.

  175. dancieve01 says

    Love you website and giveways.

  176. The DUPLO Early Simple Machines III looks like fun.

  177. This is great. We love lego, and it is fantastic that it is educational too. We would love to win the simple machine set.

  178. My sons love Legos! It’s amazing there are all these wonderful things you can do with them to teach while they are play!

  179. Looks great! I’ve been looking for a fun, hands-on way to teach simple machines.

  180. My 3 kids all love legos! The simple machines set looks great!

  181. dmforman says

    Looks like it would be a fun way to learn about and explore simple machines.

  182. twinmint says

    We’d love any of the sets, but I keep being drawn to the WeDo choices.

  183. Amylynn H says

    So hard to choose, but I think this one would be great!


  184. I would love to win this for my son! The Lego Education kits are at the top of my wish list. thanks for offering the giveaway.

  185. Fingers crossed!!! I keep trying to win a Lego Set for our HS

  186. i will love to win this for my kiddos!

  187. Manualidades Educativas says

    My 3 kids would love the simple machines set!

  188. I’d be happy with any of them- we love Legos!

  189. This looks GREAT. I know it would be perfect for the way my boys learn!

  190. goodmanfam says

    My son would learn so much with this kit!

  191. I’m considering adding this to our cirriculum next year… sounds like tons of fun!

  192. cam sasser says

    Simple machines! :)

  193. Philip Sasser says

    Nothing beats fun and learning combined. My boys love Legos, so these would be excellent tools for learning.

  194. Simple Machines, but really all of them look great.

  195. I would love to win this for my son. thanks for offering this great looking set.

  196. Marianne @ Abundant Life says

    I think most of my kids would like the Simple Machines set.

  197. love the simple machines set. Legos Rule!

  198. My little guy would love the simple machines set!

  199. Gretchen says

    My kids would love this!

  200. My kids would love these. I am loving exploring the possibilities.

  201. Actually, for us the Simple Machines pack would be great for teaching. Looks very interesting

  202. The Simple Machines set would be perfect for my son.

  203. My kids range from toddler to college, so any of the sets would be great. I’d get the Lego mindstorms for middle schoolers,

  204. This is fabulous!

  205. Tonia Lyons says

    We’ll be studying physics this year – this would be a great addition!

  206. Annie Ward says

    My son & step son would LOVE the simple machines set! TFS!

  207. Jeanna johnson says

    I’d love the BuildToExpress Core Set!

  208. My kids would LOVE the simple machines set!

  209. This looks perfect for my little boy as a birthday present. Perfect for my big boy (husband) too! I had no idea Lego had such a product. Thank you for letting us know!

  210. Wow, my daughter would love this.

  211. This looks like something awesome to win. Especially considering it is scripted, I am not the technical type. lol

  212. I want the simple machines set. If I’m honest I want it all.

  213. judith martinez says

    I think the story starter set is SO COOL!

  214. Wow my boys would love this!!!

  215. My kids would love the simple machine set!

  216. Playground Hunt says

    oooh – the simple machines set looks like a good one to start with…

  217. My son is very interested in the Simple and Motorized mechanisms set. Thanks for doing this!

  218. angela_thebilingualhomeschool says

    I like the simple machines and the story starter sets

  219. Samantha LaFountain says

    My two oldest sons would LOVE this.

  220. I had no idea Lego had so much! I love the middle school robotics set!

  221. Regina Anderson Giles says

    This would be perfect when we learn about simple machines! I want this!

  222. I would LOVE the Simple Machines Pack. With teacher’s or the getting started one, all look good. I love the concept and I know my son (and daughter) would love learning about gears and making things that can move/turn etc.

  223. My twin boys, age 10, LOVE Legos! What a brilliant idea to incorporate them into the science classroom. This Simple Machines set would tie in beautifully with the curriculum I have planned for this year. Love it!

  224. My little guy would love this.

  225. My kids would love the Mindstorm sets!

  226. Simple machines looks fun and educational!

  227. Carol Wagner Ewing says

    Hard to choose just one product we would use. I think I’d choose the simple and motorized mechanism set for the middle school age group.

  228. My son would adore this – he is a lego nut!

  229. Jenny Driggers Shannon says

    Love LEGOs!!! We have a LEGO legacy in our family! My grown kids and now grandchildren all are builders :)

  230. Cool!

  231. My boys LOVE Legos!

  232. I’d love the Lego Mindstorms Education NXT Base set! I know our son would thoroughly enjoy that!

  233. My son would love this! I showed it to him and he said “I WANT THAT!!!!” Lol.

  234. My Son would enjoy this so very much!

  235. We love Legos and simple machines…what a great idea to combine the two!

  236. Christina P. says

    We would love these! I think the robotics sets would be a blast too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  237. Jamie Moore says

    Ah! My boys would absolutely love this!

  238. My kids would love to win this. So would I!!

  239. I’d love the Simple Machines pack. We’re just starting to learn about them.

  240. we love Legos!!!

  241. zekesmom10 says

    The WeDo Combo for elementary looks GREAT!

  242. My son would really enjoy these!

  243. Can’t go wrong with Legos!! Thanks for the chance to win;-)

  244. I looking to teach simple machines for a homeschool co-op this fall! Boy, would the kids LOVE it!

  245. Geneva Varga says

    Mindstorms! :)

  246. CharityH says

    We still have three little boys to homeschool. They would LOVE this.

  247. Jennifer says

    I have Lego crazy twin 9 year olds who would LOVE this!

  248. Storystarters

  249. These look awesome! The construction set also looks like something my kids would love!

  250. jessica Wilhite says

    My boys would love the simple machine set.

  251. Trish How says

    I am excited about this, I have been eyeing them for sometime!

  252. Amy Cooper-Arnold says


  253. Would love any of the preschool duplicate sets!

  254. Leesa Chesnut says

    My boys LOVE Legos! I think it would be great to have this set! Looked at the LEGO site and the Lang Arts Story Starters looks like a great set too! I never knew they had so many sets! Thanks for offering this!

  255. Hi, I have a 4 yr old obsessed with building and loves his Duplo Lego set and Quadrilla marble runs, yet we don’t have any “big boy” Legos (although he plays with them at grandmas). I was considering getting these for joint play with mama and dada, and saving $ by waiting a year or 2 on the $60 teacher’s manual. Is this kit enough Legos to build without another set? Would we be lost without the teacher manual? Thanks!

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