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Doctor and Nurses Preschool Pack

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We’ll be working on our Doctor and Nurse Preschool Pack soon, so I’ll have lots more to go along with the printables, but I just couldn’t wait to share it! We’ll be using the book Going to the Doctor by Anne Civardi along with several other great books.

Here’s a look inside the Doctor Preschool Pack:

  • Name tag strip for front of lapbook or folder if you store your preschool pack
  • Story summary sheet for one of your favorite books
  • Verse printable for Proverbs 17:22 ~ “A cheerful heart …”
  • Doctor words
  • Shadow matching
  • Tracing sheets
  • Medicine bottle size sequencing
  • Letters to spell the words doctor, nurse and Band-Aid
  • Cast Colors ~ trace the color word
  • Find the letter M’s worksheet
  • Beginning sound word cards
  • Letter D and N word tracing sheets
  • “My Doctor Helps Me” song and printable

letter m find  nurse tracer  shadow matching

how many

song  vocabulary

Download the Doctor Preschool Pack: 

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Mnewell0293 says

    Looks great! You rock momma!

  2. My little guy is going to LOVE this! We were planning on doing a doctor week a few weeks back, but held off when I heard this pack was coming. THANK YOU! It’s wonderful!

  3. This is so great!!! I found some doctor costumes @ the gymboree outlet!! Its going to be fun!!

  4. This looks like so much fun! We might have to do this theme around Sammy’s birthday and talk about what doctors do. So maybe just maybe we don’t FREAK OUT when we go to the pediatrician.

  5. thank you!

  6. This is great! We are working on the Letter M & N the next two weeks so this will be perfect! Thanks for sharing

  7. this is exactly what we were looking for. We
    did your fireman and policeman so this fits right in
    with the community helpers theme. Thank you so much.

  8. This is GREAT!! We have one aspiring nurse and one aspiring doctor in our house! How’d you know?!

  9. Another great book on this topic is Jenny’s in the Hospital…a favorite of mine growing up!

  10. Lil Momma aka Brandy says

    That is a very cool set. Great job!

  11. This is so cute, I wish my daughter wasn’t too old for it!

  12. I absolutely love this preschool packet. Thanks for sharing it with us. It is going to go perfect with my upcoming Community Helpers Theme.

  13. This is absolutely adorable!! Thank you! My dd wants to be a doctor.
    My kids are a little older than preschool so I’m trying to think of ways to adapt this for their subjects. I was surprised at the order of your strokes to make a capital N, I’ve never seen that way before and thought I’d seen them all through teaching at our co-op and doing projects with the neighborhood kids!!
    Thanks for all you do….we love your geography stuff!

  14. Wow! Wonderful job! Kerri

  15. Thank you so much for your free printables! If you make these yourself, is it possible to have a female doctor as well? A male nurse would be a bonus! There’s so many issues about stereotypes today (and diversity, so people of different skin colors would be great too!). We want our children to know that women are doctors and men are nurses now too! Thank you so much!

    • There weren’t any male nurses in the clip art set, and I tried to include some pictures of the female doctor on some of the pages. ;)

  16. Sarahberger21 says

    Thank you so much for these. My boys love doing all these preschool packs! Great idea!

  17. Themayfieldzoo says

    I just found this…cant wait to use it :)

  18. Tracy in Florida says

    This doctor/nurse pack is amazing! I’m making it into a file folder game for my niece for her birthday. I wanted to make some extra pockets to hold the puzzle, tracing sheets, band-aid book, band-aids etc… Any chance you could make these or give me a heads up on how to make my own? I could purchase the clip art from the company ( sorry, forgot the name) I wish my girls were little again so we could enjoy all your creativity. God has truly blessed you with a gift and I am sure many are praising Him because of you!

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