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Police Office Preschool and Kindergarten Unit

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police preschool unit activities and printables from Homeschool Creations
This week ended up being more of a ‘spur of the moment’ unit after Kaleb saw some clip art on my computer and ‘helped’ me put together printables for him to use this week. Needless to say he was {mostly} thrilled the entire week {grins}.

This week was made especially wonderful because of the addition of glitter. I’ll let you in on a little secret…I am not a glitter fan or really the fan of anything that has the opportunity to linger for weeks to come. I tend to avoid it like the plague, so there was much excitement {from Kaleb, not me} when I pulled out the container.

Here are some of the helps we used this week:







This is how our workboxes looked for the week. The bulk of our printables were from my Police Officer Printables Pack and any other links to printable crafts are linked at the end of this post.  Every day we read a bunch of fun police officer books together and reviewed our vocabulary cards.




Police workboxes




This week we focused on how police officers protect us and keep us safe ~ just like God does too.

Language and Reading

We’re still working on the lowercase letters from our All About Reading Pre1 program and having fun with the crafts and activities in the program. Kaleb is definitely paying more attention now to the words we’re reading.


As we went through our ‘Read the Story’ part of the Police Officer printables, I let Kaleb use Do-A-Dot markers to stamp the words that he found in the story. This made it much more hands-on for him and he was having a great time with it.


Counting Fingerprints ~ Pulling the ink pads out was a fun {but messy} part of the week. Kaleb read along with the mini book and then added in the correct number of fingerprints to the pages. This was great to really track how he was counting 1:1 {and hilarious since he kept trying to count the fingerprints and making more fingerprints when he touched the paper}.


Number Words ~ We used the police badges and lined them up in numerical order and then Kaleb tried to find the correct number word to match the numbers. He would start with the ones he could figure out easily with the beginning letter sound and work his way through them.



After we traced Kaleb’s hands and added each of his fingerprints we looked at them close up through our magnifying glass and talked about how we all have unique fingerprints ~ God created us special and there are no two fingerprints alike! We also talked about how police officers use fingerprints to find the ‘bad guys’. :)


Personal Safety

We continued to work on Kaleb knowing his FULL name and other important information {his birthday, phone number and address}. We pretended that I was a police officer {Mommy put on his hat and badge} and we acted like he was lost and I was trying to help him find his home and family.

Cooking and Crafts

Cooking and glitter in one week ~ especially since the cooking involved food coloring and all four children. Not sure what happened to me over the weekend {grins}.

Stoplight Crackers – Super easy snack for the kids {and lots of sugary fun too}. We colored cream cheese frosting the three colors of a stoplight. The kids spread the frosting onto three vanilla wafer cookies and used a dab of frosting to stick them to a graham cracker.

police unit-1-2

Badge and Hat ~ We used the hat and badge printable from First School and added a construction paper band to make the hat. Just for fun, we filled the ‘P’ on the badge in with glue and sprinkled blue glitter on it.

police unit-1-3

Stoplight Craft ~ Rather than putting the red, yellow and green circles on a toilet paper tube {from the Police Officer Printables} we put them on our leftover black construction paper so Kaleb could hang it over his desk.


That was just a quick look at our week and the many things we talked about and did together. Here’s a peek inside the new Police Printable Pack!

Police collage

The Police Learning Printables include two separate downloads, one geared toward Preschoolers and another for Kindergarten.

Links We Used


This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. You have such wonderful themes and printables, Jolanthe! Thanks so much for all you share! I featured your Police Printables in my post today at PreK + K Sharing: http://prekandksharing.blogspot.com/2013/08/montessori-inspired-police-activities-using-free-printables.html

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