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Kid’s Winter Reading Challenge

Winter starts tomorrow and so our fall reading challenge with the kids is wrapping up today. The kids still think they have 5 more books to read so they are scrambling around reading to each other.

Truthfully, they have probably read more than enough books and it’s probably due to my lack of recording their reading – but I’m not complaining! They’ve been cuddling up on the couch with each other and reading books to anyone who will listen.

They asked what the winter reading chart is going to look like, so I pulled one together last night and it’s posted below in case you are interested in using it with your kids.


You can find reading challenge charts for all of the seasons on my website.


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Lollipop Pattern Cards

Here are some fun pattern cards to use ~ who doesn’t love lollipops?

{Click on the thumbnail to print off the document}.

We used them this week as an activity for the letter L. See how many patterns you can come up with!


The Preschool Corner: Alphabet Book

This week we took a little break from schooltime to get ready for company – and just REST! :) I’ve been going back through my previous posts and separating them out and finished up a few more individual letter posts. They are back-dated to when we actually completed them, but if you are interested, you can follow the links here to the letter “C” and the letter “D”. When I have a little more time I will catch up with the other missing letters.

I also uploaded the template for the alphabet book that we are using to paste our activities in. I printed it double-sided on cardstock and then had it spiral bound (the exact word is escaping me at the moment – but it’s the inexpensive version you can have done quickly and easily).

To give you an idea on how we use this booklet, we print it off front/back and have it spiral-bound so that we can add small craft activities to the booklet that begin with that letter. Here’s a little peek at what we did for the letter B.

A brown boat with a blue sail in the blue water.

If you would like to share what you’ve been doing during your preschool time, feel free to sign Mr. Linky below. Guidelines for The Preschool Corner can be found here. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!!


India for Kids ::Week 2::

This is our second week studying India (scroll down for links a little further in the post). We continued our studies this week and learned more about peacocks, the currency of India, the Taj Mahal and rangoli. Here’s a peek at our week:


  • Mapping of India – more detailed than what we did last week. We also focused on the surrounding countries and bodies of water. I made a map worksheet for this (below) that you can also download.
  • Henna tattos – the girls had a lot of fun watching Indian brides get the intricate tattoos before their wedding and also watching parts of different wedding ceremonies.


  • Peacocks – we found a short little video clip about them and also found a great info sheet to learn more about them. The girls also spent some time on the easel painting their own peacock (do you recognize it in the slideshow above?).
  • William Carey – missionary to India


  • India’s money – the rupee and the paise. I made an information sheet about them (you can click on the thumbnail link below if you would like to download it).


  • Cooking – the girls helped me make a chicken curry dish (yum) along with Naan bread
  • Taj Mahal – We studied who had it designed and why it was built. We also found a short video clip to see a little more of it
  • Learned about rangoli – a form of Indian art. We used colored rice to design our own patterns.

Some of the books that we used this week



Great links for India


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India for Kids ::Week 1::

This week we started a 3 week study of India. Here’s a little peek into what we’ve been talking about.


  • Locate and map India
  • Learn new geography song (see video clip below)
  • Color/label map of India
  • Use atlas to find India and learn more about resources

Geography Song: Countries of South Asia



Click image to download the India flag printable


  • Studied the peacock (India’s national bird)
  • Talked about the Himalayans and Mt. Everest


  • Geography term: peninsula
  • Looked at clothing that is worn in India

Books We Used

Websites We Used

Children Just Like Me Notebooking Page

Children Just Like Me notebooking page

Using the book Children Just Like Me as you study geography and different countries? Here’s a Children Just Like Me notebooking page to keep track of the facts that you are learning.

The box at the top right is for children to put a picture of the child that is read about that day. There are miniature pictures at the front of the book of each of the children throughout the book. We just photocopied those images and used them to paste onto the notebook pages. 

CLICK HERE to download and print the document. Hope it helps you out!