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Children Just Like Me Notebooking Page

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Children Just Like Me notebooking page

Using the book Children Just Like Me as you study geography and different countries? Here’s a Children Just Like Me notebooking page to keep track of the facts that you are learning.

The box at the top right is for children to put a picture of the child that is read about that day. There are miniature pictures at the front of the book of each of the children throughout the book. We just photocopied those images and used them to paste onto the notebook pages. 

CLICK HERE to download and print the document. Hope it helps you out!


This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. kenziekylanmom says

    Thanks for sharing! We use Children Just Like Me all of the time too.

  2. Great printable! I’ve added to Tagfoot, Delicious, and StumbleUpon. Expect some traffic!

  3. Mary@notbefore7 says

    Becoming SO tempted to Gallop the Globe next year….might have to have a phone date with you :)

  4. I love this book and got it to use with my grandchildren along with a DK Family Bible (large but full of actual photos and great artwork), a children’s Bible (also a DK, but smaller and intelligently laid out with relevant images of real Middle Eastern-looking Rabbi Jesus), another DK large, but also intelligent Family Bible and a terrific book by DK on religions around the world. I am an Episcopalian and raised my children as such, but only one stuck with it although they all went to Sunday school and Episcopal Youth Camp for years. I think it is imperative to open our children’s hearts and minds to respect the many cultures that enrich our lives as humans on this planet. We take our 5 year-old grandson to church every chance we get, and whenever he has a sleepover at our house, he asks me for the special blessing just like I used to give to his mommy and uncle and aunt when they were growing up. (And his mother used to work for the Episcopal Diocese, met Desmond Tutu when he visited and was a lay reader in her church through college, so I’m not happy that she’s all-of-a-sudden an “atheist” when it comes to raising her kids!) Anyway, I do love this book so much and am very happy that you, as a homeschooling mom with Christian faith, are sharing the beauty of diversity with your own kids! Yaay for you! Your children are most fortunate!

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