20 Best Tips

Examining Organisms

Two science experiments have been completely successful (yay). There was much excitement today when we were able to see microscopic organisms wiggle across the microscope slide! Part of our Rainbow Science fun…

Guess what insect we are building with @spielgaben

Can you guess what we are learning about in science today? We used our Spielgaben pieces to create it! http://hscreations.net/1kEkiJW

Creating Ladybugs with @Spielgaben

We’ve been learning about ladybugs during our science time, so we used our Spielgaben pieces to create a few different ladybird beetles too! It was a great time to review how many legs and antennae each beetle has.

Making Flowers with @Spielgaben

Making a spring flower scene using our Spielgaben set. Kaleb made the yellow one on his own after following a model for the other four. Can you tell what it is? #spielgaben #homeschool #ece

Visit www.spielgaben.com for more info. Loving this set!