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Preschool Apple Activities

Can you guess our preschool theme this morning? We had fun with several crafts and activities…

– do a dot marker fun
– a twig, bead, and leaf sensory bin to build your own apple tree
– handprint apple tree art

Find all of these ideas (and over 30 more!) in the post  35 Apple Crafts and Activities for preschoolers.

35 Apple crafts and activities for preschool and kindergarten

Creating Ladybugs with @Spielgaben

We’ve been learning about ladybugs during our science time, so we used our Spielgaben pieces to create a few different ladybird beetles too! It was a great time to review how many legs and antennae each beetle has.

X-ray craft

Xray craft for kids
This is a fun x-ray craft we did for our preschool co-op.The kids loved it – especially since it involved a little bit of mess!

Supplies needed:

1. Add some white paint to the spray bottle and water it down.
2. Place child’s hand on the paper and spray the paint to create outline.
3. Cut qtips to resemble bone segments and glue to the paper.

Free Scripture memory album from Seeds Family Worship

One of our favorite music albums – and you can download the entire mp3 album for FREE: https://www.homeschoolcreations.net/2013/11/free-seeds-of-praise-cd-download-from-seeds-family-worship/

New Royal Tailor album coming soon…

Kids are really excited about the new @royaltailor cd coming. You can stream the new album for FREE at www.royaltailor.com

Hands on learning

Getting ready for a Middle Eastern dinner with friends for our geography study.