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A Box of Books Giveaway!

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It’s time for another box of books giveaway! I’ve been cleaning off my shelves and would love to share some of the books with you all. 

Do you love free books? 

Many of the books are in brand new condition, but a few others may have some underlining or an earmarked corner or two. A chunk of them are from my past reading lists, but others are ones that have been pulled off the shelf to make room for another book or two currently on my list. 

Here’s a list of what’s in the box – 12 books total. Hopefully one or more of these are on your list and you’d love to have them in your home – or to share with friends. 

  • Wife After God – Jennifer Smith
  • Making it Home – Emily Wierenga
  • Make it Happen – Lara Casey
  • Present Over Perfect – Shauna Niequist
  • Six Ways to Keep the “Good” in Your Boy – Gresh
  • Praying for Boys – Brooke McGlothlin
  • Say Goodbye to Survival Mode – Crystal Paine
  • Platform – Michael Hyatt
  • Everything – Mary Demuth
  • The Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren
  • Bringing Up Boy – James Dobson
  • Bringing Up Girls – James Dobson

To enter the giveaway, use the widget below to enter. Giveaway ends Tuesday, June 6th at 11:59pm and is open to those with a US mailing address only. 

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Wife after God and present over perfect are on the top of my to-read list!

  2. Jennifer Swift Bailey says

    Who doesn’t love free books? Especially your booklist books? Yay!!

  3. melinda roberts says

    Present over perfect and man myth messiah

  4. I am super interested in reading the bringing up boys and girls books. I have heard really good things about the books!

  5. Lea Christy Spence says

    I’d love to read Six ways to keep the “good” in your boy. But all the books look great!

  6. I really want to read Present Over Perfect. Thank you for the giveaway.

  7. valerie fletcher says

    Looks like ALL great books to read! Can benefit from them ALL!

  8. Waiting to read Sally Clarkson’s latest. And I have a US address – yippe.

  9. Rachel Robinson says

    These books look really good!!!

  10. Fun idea! I may need to do this too. :)

  11. When Shovels Break by Michael Shank.

  12. Samantha Mott says

    I would love to read Wife after God and Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. Though all of these books look like they are good reads :-D

  13. Nissel Baker says

    Say Goodbye to Survival Mode was already on my list!

  14. Grace Greenwell says

    Listen Love Repeat by Karen Ehman is on my top read list

  15. Michelle Molitor says

    Present over Perfect – I’ve been hearing so many people talking about it lately!

    • Confession – someone gave that to me in November after we got talking on our vacation. :) Only feels right to pass it along!

  16. Ellen Gallman says

    I really want to read The Life Giving Home by Sally Clarkson, A Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason, and Poetic Knowledge by James Taylor

  17. I would love these…many are on my “to read” list. Love your blog!

  18. I don’t usually buy myself books because I am always ensuring we can get great books for the kids. I’d love to win :) And then, pay them forward.

  19. Making It Happen! I’ve been wanting to read that!!!!!!!!

  20. Christine says

    My stack of “to read” books is very high. I really would like to read ‘A Chance to Die’ by Elizabeth Elliot…. and many more. Thanks for the giveaway! Have a wonderful summer!

  21. Phronsie Howell says

    I still want to read “The Broken Way”. Though, that one on your list about keeping the good in your boy is catching my eye!

  22. What a great group of books!

  23. The book I would like to read in 2017 is War of Words by Paul David Tripp

  24. Julie T. says

    Six Ways to Keep the Good in Your Boy

  25. I would love to sit and read ANY book! I’ve been living in survival mode for a while now, with little kids who don’t believe in sleeping. But I am hoping they are turning the corner, and I will soon not be too exhausted to pick up a book!

  26. I’m really wanting to read present over perfect.

  27. I’m working on Teaching From Rest right now. I’d like to read Bringing Up Girls

  28. present over perfect is on the top of my to-read list!

  29. Kala Thomas DeMeyere says

    I would like to read War Room

  30. Jessica Barahona says


  31. Six ways to keep the “good” in your boy and wife after God.

  32. I have been looking forward to “Ten gifts for the heart” by Sally Clarkson. My copy just arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to read it.

  33. clarissa west says

    Any book by Elisabeth Elliott!

  34. I was thinking of reading ‘How to keep the Little in your Girl’ but I have a boy too and could read ‘How to keep the good in your boy’ =)

  35. Christina Muschiana Wells says

    Would love to read bringing up girls!

  36. Deborah Freeman says

    My daughter and I are doing a Bible study on Listen, Love, Repeat this summer.

  37. Patti Pierce says

    I want to read Sally Clarkson’s new book and Uncommon by Carey Scott

  38. I want to read Uninvited by Lisa Tyerkerst

  39. Natalie Rounce says

    Mere Christianity .. I finally started it but never finished it! That and the screwtape letters.

  40. Jennifer Lamb says

    Have been looking forward to getting a copy of “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode” for a while now – thanks for the chance to win!!

  41. Tara Bailey says

    Different by Sally Clarkson

  42. Bethany Umble says

    I’d like to read Present Over Perfect, Mission of Motherhood, and Different.

  43. Oh, present over perfect! Would love to read that one especially!

  44. Lynnette S says

    Those look great!

  45. I have not read or even heard of most of these books. And I do have bringing up boys but would love to have bringing up girls by dr dobson. I don’t know that I have a “must read” book list for 2017. But I am always looking for good books to read. Thank you for sharing this.

  46. I LOVE to read. I’m reading everything I can get my hands on about homeschooling and housekeeping! Lol…

  47. Marlene Campbell Kyle says

    I’d want to read “Hoodwinked” by Kathy E? and Ruth?

  48. I just came across a new book titled Modern Day Knight that I’d love to read for raising my boys.

  49. Marcia Greenfield-Cabaday says

    So many good books to add to my library. Thanks for the chance!

  50. Kristy Heisey says

    I want to finish Nourishing Traditions and For Women Only.

  51. Shannon R says

    Say Goodbye to survival mode! I know I’ve been stuck there for a long time.

  52. “The Mission of Motherhood” by Sally Clarkson has been a favorite this year!

  53. Danielle Hull says

    Fiction for me: Susie Finkbeiner’s A Song of Home; with the kids: The Door Before by N.D. Wilson. Waiting for them both to release later this year!

  54. Geri Jensen says

    I love to read and would certainly enjoy receiving a box of books to read and share. I just finished Izzy’s Fire by Nancy Wright Beasley, and I want to read The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman.

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