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We’re winding down some of our school time and this week Kaleb was thrilled to get his hands on my iPad. It never ceases to amaze me the things he won’t complain about when they are presented in a different format.

Typically, Kaleb is the last one in line to use the iPad and have access to the apps. When he realized that he could use it without having any siblings controlling it, he was literally giggling while playing.

Here are a few of the apps that Kaleb was loving this week:

App School-1

      Kaleb’s favorite by far was

Timmy’s Kindergarten Adventure

    . The reason? Because he could earn ‘money’. When he got to a point where he could sort his money by type, he was literally giddy with excitement.

App School-3

    He practiced telling time to the hour.

App School-4

    Worked on a little addition and subtraction.

App School-2

One part of the app required him to listen closely to the word they said and then identify that word from a choice of three. He was so funny, trying to hear the word, and sounding out what he heard them say {beginning sounds}.


App School-5 App School-6


    Kaleb sat in with us on our other group lessons as well this week, but otherwise for him it was a fairly lite week.
    How was YOUR week with your kiddo? Leave a comment and link up to share what you’ve been doing this week.

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  1. O so badly want one of them! Maybe Santa will be me one this year ;)

  2. Thanks for these, Jolanthe!  Jack is my ‘iSchool’ boy, so these apps will come in hands for sure :-).

    Hope you’ve been having a wonderful week!

  3. Thanks for some new apps to check out.  My 5 year old will appreciate them!

  4. I see so many wonderful educational apps on the blogs I follow.  It makes me wish we could get an iPad.

  5. I’m checking out all those apps! Thanks!

    And oops. Forgot to follow directions: I’m #20 Gardening & Flowers (3 & 6yo}


  6. Thanks for the great app suggestions! And, as always, for hosting the Preschool Corner. 

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