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Angus Lost Unit ~ Preschool Corner

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Not a lot of pictures this week, and the few that I have are rather comical as it is since they show a not-happy camper during a few different activities we were doing.

Because “Scissors are NOT FUN, Mom!”

Kaleb can cut just fine, but the moment those scissors come out to be used, the whining begins. Who knows why, but it’s one of his triggers during the school day, so I try to be careful in my placement of any cutting activity.

This week we focused mainly on the book Angus Lost by Marjorie Flack and the last few days of the week we added in the book Angus and the Ducks by Marjorie Flack. Angus Lost is a part of our Before Five in a Row books and we use the printables for Angus Lost that I put together as well as activities suggested in the manual.

A Peek at Kaleb’s Work Area 


 Pictured above: ABC posters from All About Reading, trofast system from Ikea, Bygel rail with blue Bygel containers and 12” square corkboard tiles.

 All of the Kaleb’s workbox sheets go into his Trofast system {we have 9 boxes}. Sitting on top of the boxes is a cookie sheet that holds all of the magnets for his Read! Build! Write! cards. We hang any crafts from the weeks prior above his desk and on the cork board we switch out his memory verses {sometimes from the printables we’re using} as well as his vocabulary words for the week. The three pictures hanging directly above his desk are his letter crafts from the All About Reading Pre1 program.

Our Week with Angus Lost

Everyday we did the following {before starting into our workboxes}: read the book Angus Lost together, went over our vocabulary words and talked about the animals in the story using our Animal Classification Cards. Here’s a peek into how our workboxes for the week:

Angus Lost workboxes

Here are some more things that we did during the week together….not every single thing listed out, but just a few of the highlights.



Our verse for the week was Psalm 23:4 ~ “I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me”. The turtle in the picture just makes us laugh, but we talked about how Angus was probably afraid because he was lost in a snowstorm and needed to find his way home.


We had fun looking through the book and talking about when the book took place {a milk wagon delivered the milk and the car was an old car}. We had a list of vocabulary words from the story that we reviewed {dog, cave, milk, snowstorm, etc….} and practiced those words and the beginning sounds of the word.

Rhyming words continue to be a favorite part of our week, so I try to include that as much as possible {thanks to All About Reading!!}. I absolutely love hearing Kaleb’s summary of the story…when he is ready to talk and not mutter to me.

Angus got lost. He met another dog. He met a goat. He went into a cave. It was snowing. Then he found the milkman. He followed the man from every house to house. He found his house.


The word family sorting {-og and –at} was another fun activity again this week, especially since Kaleb has figured out how to sound out words.


A few days into our week, we picked up Angus and the Ducks by Marjorie Flack and compared the two books together. We noticed that the hedge in one of the stories is also pictured in the other book, but the seasons are different {can you see the weeping willow/cherry tree in both books?}. This was a great way for us to look for things that were the same/different in the stories.


We worked on counting up to the number 20 and used the numbered houses from the Angus Lost printables. Sometimes I left numbers out and had him write the missing number on a blank house with a dry erase marker.

Other things we did in the book: counted how many animals there were altogether in the story, sequenced the animals in the story, compared less/more for animals {how many ducks vs. goat and which is more}.


One piece of the printables that Kaleb has a blast with are the maze pages. Definitely going to have to pull some more of these together for him to work on!

Personal Safety


This unit was a great opportunity to review what Kaleb knew about himself ~ his full name, phone number, birthday, address and our names. He is still convinced that my name is Mommy, so we practiced by what Daddy calls me ~ Jolanthe. :) Kaleb then wrote down his information on a sheet of paper to practice.

And finally…tell me that this aren’t the images of a SUPER-thrilled little boy {not-so-much}.

20111005-IMG_2188  20111006-IMG_2195

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    1. MomsMustardSeeds says

      Your ability to create, schedule, blog and tweet just amaze me!  God has definitely gifted you in this area…this looks Fantastic!

    2. I love his workboxes! I just bought some at Ikea to start off with. Your last pictures of him look my kids a lot..lol Good to know I’m not alone =)

    3. Lisa Roth Burkes says

      Before Five in a Row sounds great. I’ve never heard a day in action using it before now.

    4. Maggie Hogan says

      I want to come do preschool at your house! Lol!
      Truly, God has gifted you. And the way you share your gifts with others is a wonderful ministry.
      God bless you dear one. Maggie Hogan

    5. Hehe those pictures cracked me up.. we definitely have those days over here!

    6. I love what you do with FIAR!!  It makes me want to buy the BFIAR book so much.

    7. The scissors thing is funny and cute. It’s interesting how they all have their “thing” that is difficult or boring to them.

    8. Question:  Does Kaleb move the numbers on his workboxes themselves? 
      I’m in the process of setting up our own workboxes (we just started homeschooling 4yrs and under).  I have Sue Patrick’s book and between her book and your blog, and others I’m trying to make it work for us.
      We plan to use the workboxes at this time for only our structured school time in our school room.  We have Accountable Kids we are going to use for chores.   
      Thank you for taking the time to share with us!

      • The numbers stay on his boxes all the time and he usually pulls the ones on his chart off when he is finished and puts them in a small tub. Usually. :)

    9. Thank you for sharing those printables.  Though we don’t have this book, I am going to use the one on the last page because I was planning to teach the kids our address this week.  This will make it much more fun! 

      I always really appreciate you sharing your ideas and printables.  I wouldn’t even know how to go about beginning to make a worksheet!

    10. I just love your learning area in your home! It is so bright, cheery, and organized. Love it. I also love the pictures of your little one. It is fun to see pictures of kids being kids. I need to do that more often on my blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas with all of us.
      Take care,

    11. Love your blog. glad i stumbled onto it. I am a homeschool mom too and started a free printable crafts for kids blog and website for homeschoolers. Would you be interested in doing some button swapping. I will put yours on mine, and I would love to have mine on yours.

    12. I enjoyed your post very much, like some of your other readers I am impressed with your organization and how bright and cheerful everything is.  My child is older than yours but I just wanted to mention that we use Vocabulary and Spelling city because we can input words from our readings. VSC allows us to personalize our lists, and practice the words in a lot of different ways.  Happy homeschooling!

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