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Pronouncing My Name {Reader Questions}

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How often have you looked at my name signature and asked yourself, “How in the WORLD is that pronounced??” Maybe I should have had all of you chime in with your thoughts and pronunciations first, but I thought a video pronunciation would be most helpful. :)


Email subscribers, you’ll have to click over to see the clip!! :)

Now the question is ~ was that how you were saying it in your head? Or have I totally messed up your thoughts now??

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    This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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    1. Yup, you messed with my head.  =)  I was in the Joe-lan-thee camp.  It’s going to take a little while for my brain to redirect, I’m thinking.  (haha)

      Cute vid though, loved it – and hearing your backstory was fun!

    2. Yep I was saying it right ;-).. but Tim introduced you to me as Jo but in my head I had it as Yo for a long time!

    3. Great story, I would go back and forth in my head from the “Jo” to the “Yo.”  Love  your name though, it’s beautiful!  My name is Dacia (pronounced like Day-sha) so I’ve gotten all kinds of pronunciations too.  The best being the girl in my grade school who called me “Danish” for 3 years before it finally almost clicked and she changed over to deja (as in deja-vu).  I let most people get away with that.  Do you correct mispronunciations?  Or do you find yourself letting most people “get away with something close?”  :)  Love your printables and thank you for sharing them with us!

      • I don’t typically correct unless they ask. :) in college I tried to go by my full name (no nicknames), but constantly got the…”you’re the girl with that different name” so I gave up.

    4. Jade Clark says

      I pronounced it Jo-lanth in my head, no real reason behind it, just did.  Very interesting, unique name!  Thanks for cleaning that up!  Funny story about your grandmother too.  My mom named me Jade, and let my grandma give me a middle name.  She chose Marie, but then always called me “Jade Mary.”  Grandmas are funny like that.  =)

    5. jolanthe,
      thank you for the video clip and the pronunciation of your name!  i was sayng it as Joe-lan-th, and thought it was original and pretty like that, but hearing you say the real pronunciation was beautiful! i so enjoy your site and creativity!  thank you for the free printables too!!  love em!

    6. Thanks for the story. Love your name.  Growing up my name was frequently mispronounced. Even though now Daniela is more common. People would call me Danny or Daniel and one lady always called me Vanilla. :)

    7. Thanks for that! Your name is much prettier than I was able to come up with on my own! lol! I love the chance to see and hear you as it makes reading your blog more “real”. Thanks for all you share with us!

    8. I have always read it at Joe-lanthe.  Long A, silent E. 

    9. Fun video clip ~ and I’m one of the ones who read your name as “Joe-lahn-tha” — thanks for the clarification.  And as for worrying as to whether you’ve messed with my thoughts … well, my children do a fine job of that already ~ LOL!!!

    10. LOL, I have the same problem. I have no nickname at all. My name is Aislynn.I have a charades moment in helping people remember how to say it. Eyes (point to the eyes) lean (leanin the body) hahaha, true story! Now, that is cheesy!

    11. I love that you did this! Yes, I was very much saying it wrong in my head and the real pronounciation is so much more beautiful.

    12. Loved the story!  I was doing it the traditional English phonetics and not even thinking of other heritages……..  But now that you say it of course that’s all I see about it.  Ha ha ha ha……

      My grandpa doesn’t like nicknames and still refuses to call me by mine, so my entire Dad’s side of my family calls me something different than everyone else in the world.  I run into problems with name pronunciation too.  That’s actually one of my ways to know if it’s spam or not, did they spell my name right.  If they can’t be bothered to spell my name right I just throw the mail in the trash.

    13. Jennifer Lambert says

      haha! Thanks for clearing that up. Love the story about your grandmother. I’m a dork and googled it when I first started following you. Did you know that Tchaikovsky’s last opera is titled “Yolanthe”?

    14. this was such a cute video to watch this morning(i laughed)…i think u could be a person with a huge sense of humor hidden under a very serious exterior(such a blessing to find surprises like that in people)…by the way i def. thought ur name was pronounced jo-lan-thee rather than yo-lan-thee…

    15. Cute–thanks for clarifying–I was Jo all the way. Nice to know how to say it correctly. 

    16. Debbie Nissen says

      I remember calling you “Jo” (Yo) in college.  You were my RA, and I remember you telling us we could call you Jo, so that must have been after you gave up (your comment above).  Actually, though, I thought I had your name right, but I didn’t.  I was pronouncing it “Yo-lan-tha” (short a) rather than “Yo-lahn-tha”.  My bad.  : ) 

      My MIL likes nicknames, too.  She tried to call our Isaac “Ike,” but thankfully she gave up on that one.  She also gave up on Moriah, because she has a Marriah and didn’t want to use the same nickname.  And despite the fact that my husband has always been determined that Gabriela wouldn’t be nicknamed “Gabby,” it’s pretty much inevitable.

      • That was definitely after I gave up on trying {grins}. I gave up within the first two weeks ~ still remember someone running down the sidewalk to catch me and trying to say my name. :) I also remember how much EASIER it was for people when they were introduced to ‘Yo’ and could yell that instead.

    17. ajaxphotography says

      Point for me, I had it right, but only because my husband told me that was how it was pronounced. (he’s a smarty)

    18. Tara Burton says

      Love your name and how it is pronounced!  Very unique and beautiful!!

    19. Annie Moffatt says

      I thought about that questions LAST NIGHT!!  So strange:)  Thanks!

    20. AMommysAdventures says

      Loved hearing the real pronunciation for your name.  I did think Joe-lan-thee myself :)

    21. I’m so glad to know that now. I thought it was Joe lan ( like land) and the like you say it. The Yo never entered my mind. This was such a fun post.

    22. Thanks for the video, that helps. I hadn’t even tried to pronounce your name but I always wondered how it should be pronounced!

    23. Mystery revealed!

    24. Somethings Cookin says

      What a fun post!  I thought it was Jo-lanth.

    25. Thank you! I did wonder.

    26. Nachnanihomeschool says

      Thank you so much for that! Jo-LAN-thee was my pronunciation. We are used to hearing our names mispronounced as well, with Ashok-my hubby and Noemi (accent on the I), my DD. Love your site, btw!

    27. Mary Brodeur says

      I totally thought it was Joe-lan-th.  It’s a beautiful name with it’s proper pronunciation! :)

    28. Love this! I remember when I first asked how to pronounce your name.  Seems like forever ago. 

    29. Thank you! Always wanted to ask but felt silly about it! :)

    30. Good to know.  I was just wondering that for when I see you at Relevant.  I figured I should know because saying, “Hey, look its Homeschool Creations,” just didn’t seem right. 

    31. Ha I’ve been thinking Joe-lan (like land)- th.

    32. Just like Yolanda in Spanish!

    33. jodi owens says

      O man! I was a “Jo-lanth” pronouncer! Great to have the new info :)

    34. Thank you! I have been curious forever….But to shy to ask!  My name is Mary….pretty basic. My father didn’t care what name my mother chose for us kids….only that it be a very basic name. …. Why? My father ‘s name is Rolla…Yes, with an “a” on the end. My mother’s name is Dutch. The original spelling is something like Neisje. The Americanized version is Necia….My whole life. I have wished for a special name. …Thank you for sharing your special story. Enjoy! 

    35. Gee, I was thinking Jonathan too!! LOL! How could someone mistake it for Jonathan? =p I think if you really don’t know how to pronounce someone’s name, you should just ask, instead of saying it totally wrong (not as bad when it’s online and not in real life). You know, I didn’t even think about how to say your name until I had saw that video awhile back (I think it was Seeds of Worship???) when the guy said Yo. And I know Carisa had mentioned that Ladybug calls you Ms Yo Yo. I was leaning toward the J sound too. Thanks for sharing this…too funny that your grandma couldn’t even say your name. =p

      • she still can’t!! My sister-in-law put her on the phone the other day with me and she stumbled all over it and then just went back to Lanty. :)

    36. What a pretty name!  I was thinking with a “J”.  I had to laugh at the “Yo”! :)

    37. Oh praise God, I’ve been saying it right! Of course I did ask you this a year or so ago LOL! Good to have confirmation though!

    38. Yolantha (you said it),

      You totally messed me up. I was absolutely nowhere near how you pronounce your name. I love the story behind it and find it funny that your name (as unique as it is) got caught up and branded in the ’80s (ah, those were great times).

      Yo, talk to ya layta…I’ll be writing and talking funny for the rest of the day.

    39. Okay, so I HAVE been saying it right! I have wanted to shorten it to “Yo” or  “Yo-Yo” for the longest time, but I wasn’t sure if I was even saying it right to begin with!!!  LOL So, does that mean I have permission to call you “Yo”? 

    40. Heya Dutchie! I’m half Dutch over here, and my sister is a Jenna – my grandparents always pronounce “J” as “Y”, so she gets “Yenna” all the time :D Thanks for the clarification, Yo-lan-tha! I was totally “saying” your name wrong. 

    41. PS It’s a beautiful-sounding name :0)

    42. I was actually right!  It was fun to hear the backstory to your name!

      Both my husband and I have unusual names.  I’m Coby, and before people meet me they assume I’m a man.  People also love to insert and ‘L’ in my name and call me Colby…yep, like the cheese!  My husband is Shayne – not so unusual except for the spelling.  Early on we decided to give our kids names that no one would be able to misspell or mispronounce, and that they could find on a mug or keychain if they wanted!  My kids’ names are pretty “normal.”

    43. LOL…we have a friend in common and you came up in conversation once and I said, “Oh so THAT’s how to pronounce her name!”.  :) 

    44. Cool!  I was wondering how to pronounce your name as well.  My name is Kama (pronounced Kay-ma), but I also hear all kind of pronunciations and nick-names (especially when K-Mart was all over and not really popular in middle school).  :) 

    45. Cool. I like your name!

    46. Hilarious!!!  But you didn’t tell about the first time you and your future hubby went out to eat!  ;-)

    47. Hi Jolanthe! Just found your blog & Facebook page this week and I love it! I actually know your name! I’m Dutch ;-) We live in the Netherlands with our 3 children. We are 1 of about 300 families who homeschool here. It’s barely legal here. But we’re managing quite well and enjoying every minute of it. Anyway, love the little name video and your website!

    48. Mamagotfive says

      I was in the Jo-lanthe camp, but not happy to be there, but considered Yo-lanthe, but it didn’t sound right either. Glad you’ve strsightened us all out :D
      I am Bernadette – I am ALWAYS getting Brenda!! i got a Barbara once? I’ve told the kids when i become a grandma, i’d kind of like Nanny Bea or Granny Bea Grandma Bernadette is such a mouthful. getting a bit ahead of myself though as my eldest is only 12 =)

    49. YES! I was totally “saying” it wrong in my mind. I was going for the phonetic — joe lanth.
      But yo lantha is so much prettier! I love your name and what a fun story behind it. (I’m named after my dad. Go figure, right? Jimmie for a girl. Weird.)

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