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All About Spelling Review – Homeschool Spelling Tool

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We received this product at no cost in exchange for our honest review. All opinions expressed are solely mine.

I thought we were perfectly fine with the spelling program that we were using until I started using All About Spelling with the girls. Now I’m hooked on this homeschool spelling program and thrilled that our kids look forward to spelling time and we love doing it together. We have worked our way through level one and will be starting level two soon.

Each lesson book in All About Spelling comes with a materials packet that includes: flashcards, index card dividers, tokens, progress charts, a completion certificate, and other tools to help you teach. The program also uses letter tiles that can be used in all six levels. The letter tiles are not included in the material pack of each level (so that you wouldn’t have six sets). They can be purchased separately for $12.95.

All About Spelling teaches “phonograms” – letter combinations that are the base for building words (a cd-rom of the sounds is also available for purchase if you would like to hear the exact sounds of each phonogram).

What I am loving about the program:

  1. The lessons are amazingly easy to follow: Step-by-step directions are given for each lesson in the level, including all the materials that you will need for the lesson.
  2. You can customize each lesson to your children’s needs. We went through the early lessons rather quickly and then paced the lessons at a rate that was comfortable for us.
  3. Review: Each lesson includes a way to review the steps and rules that have been taught in previous lessons, along with reinforcement for the lessons that were learned during that lesson.
  4. Hands-on materials: The program uses letter tiles that you can make magnetic to spell out the words and sounds that you are practicing. There are also flashcards included in the set along with the teacher’s manual. This hands-on aspect has really helped in our learning.
  5. Clear/direct spelling rules: All About Spelling teaches clear rules (and notes any exceptions if there are any to the rule) – even I’m learning a thing or two!
  6. It will be a complete curriculum from preschool to high school. It’s a one-stop spelling curriculum, and I LOVE that!
  7. Price!! Both the level one and level two sets are only $29.95 each and can be used in the years to come with younger children since the materials are not consumable (a HUGE plus for me!). Levels three and four are $39.95. If you are teaching more than one student at a time, you can order additional materials packets (for around $12.95 each).

There is nothing that I haven’t been pleased about with this curriculum – seriously! If you are interested in learning more about how to teach using All About Spelling, know that they a 100% learning satisfaction guarantee. This is definitely a program that we will be using through the years with our kids!

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This All About Spelling Review was written based on our personal use of the program. I was provided the program to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Oh goodness, now i love this too, I need to get away from the computer. We use Calvert since we get it for free, but their spelling program is not very rule focused and I don’t like that at all. This program is going on my research further list for sure…
    Thanks for the detailed review!

  2. Tina Hollenbeck says

    Hi, Jolantha. I am an All About Spelling fan (groupie?!), too – we found it this past November – and so I had to come read what you had written after I saw your recent review of All About Homophones on THL. Great summary here of the program; I’m continuously trying to find ways to explain AAS to people quickly but effectively and your review does that. So I might link people to your post here in the future. :^)

  3. I couldn’t agree more. We had used another spelling curriculem for three years and my children (and even I) came to dread the subject. However, once we started using this curriculem, everything changed. We all enjoy spelling and I would highly recommend this to anyone.

  4. Do you have to do the reading and spelling programs together. I am starting with grade 1 and just looking into options

    • Kar,

      AAS and AAR both use the same sequence and phonograms and are interrelated in that way. AAS teaches words from the spelling angle and AAR teaches words from the reading angle.

      You do not need to do them together or need to use both. We started with the spelling program with our girls because the reading program was not initially available. :) The programs are independent of each other other so students can move as quickly or as slowly as they need to with each skill. Kids generally move ahead more quickly in reading, and we don’t want to hold them back with the spelling. Marie recommends completing All About Reading Level 1 first, and then adding in the Spelling program. This way students get a solid start in reading first and have a strong basis for spelling as well.

      Depending on how well your child is reading, you may be able to start him/her off with spelling. You can use the placement test on this page to determine a reading level as well: http://bit.ly/SpdqOz. If your child is ready for level 2 in reading, you can start with the level 1 spelling program.

      I hope that helps some – let me know if you have any other questions. :)

    • I actually started AAS Level 1 with my pre-K son this year who knew his alphabet but otherwise had NO reading or spelling skills…he couldn’t even consistently recognize his own name. I was completely blown away by the program. We only learned a few phonogram cards at a time so Step/Lesson 1 took a couple weeks and we’re moving pretty slowly with the rest of it as well. I just bought the first AAR reader, which correlates with steps 6-10 in AAS. We are otherwise not using AAR at all. But my son is starting to read! Today I was looking at a seed catalog (the garden is dead, so it’s time). He asked me what PEAS spelled. I suggested we try the phonograms. I had to explain the EA but he did the rest himself and together we sounded out the word. He then went on to find the word pea or peas all over the page.

      He’s really proud of his reading ability. Seeing him truly understand letters for both reading and spelling has been a great experience for me too!

    • That is GREAT, Robin!!!

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