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A Snow Day and Worm Dissection – Homeschool and Life Happenings

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How was your week? 

Last week I posted from Washington, DC and we wrapped up a SUPER chilly visit by seeing the Lincoln Memorial. The wind was ridiculous. The monuments amazing. 

We walked over to the Vietnam Memorial after. Kaleb was really interested in all the names and finally mustered up the courage to ask questions to one of the park rangers on duty. We learned about the different symbols next to people’s names, how names can be added – and it may not seem like a huge thing, but for Kaleb to interact with people he doesn’t know and speak up – well, it was pretty encouraging to see. :) 

Monday morning we woke up to snow coming down and continuing throughout the day. We decided to call it a “light” day and focused on the basics: math, reading, and some game playing with a (new to us game) Ticket to Ride: Europe. The boys and I have played it together quite a few times now and are really enjoying it (Kaleb especially when he beat me after our fourth time playing). 

McKenna and I spent some time working on a few geometry problems that she was stuck on. Every now and then Geometry becomes her nemesis and she gets a thought in her head that she can’t do it (but she can). It didn’t take us long to work through the problems at all – and she is ALMOST done with her entire book!! 

(Like that crack on her computer screen – yeah, that’s what happen when a computer isn’t taken care of and mom refuses to fix it…sigh). 

Co-op on Tuesday was fun for the youngers (the middle school teacher was sick). They worked on a water density experiment and also building a raft that would support weight (Kaleb got his up to 13 pennies). 

But on to the worm dissection…

McKenna and Emily were hilarious. McKenna really wasn’t keen on working through this one because a) it was stinky and b) disgusting. 

She managed to muddle through it all. Her worm wasn’t as “full” as Emily’s though, so we had a much better view of various organs using Emily’s specimen. McKenna’s had a lot of dirt.

Emily’s though – so cool to look at the internal parts and see them up close. 

That’s it for our week – HOW WAS YOURS??

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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