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5 Day Get Active Inside Challenge

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If you have young children, I know you’ll be interested in this activity challenge a friend of mine is giving us!

Especially if you’ve noticed your kids going a little… stir crazy.

This time of year is always hard — cold weather, gets dark early… and the kids are stuck inside for far too long… not being able to move the way their bodies should be moving!

This challenge is a 5-day Get Active Inside Activity Challenge from my friend, Jamie of Hands On As We Grow. It starts on Monday, January 14th.

Best part? It’s FREE!!

Want to participate? Click the “I’m In!” button above or sign up here >> https://room.handsonaswegrow.com/get-active-challenge/?ref=243

By the end of this challenge, you’ll work off some of that crazy amount of energy your kids have and create memories that will last a lifetime.

But, here’s the genius part — she does this without it being ‘work’ for the kids or you! There are 5 fun days of activities that engage your child, get them to put down their iPads and get all that cooped up energy OUT. Plus, her activities use basic supplies that you’ll have on hand (she’ll send you a supply list too to check).

Here’s a peek at the schedule: 

  • Day 1: Have fun and get moving!
  • Day 2: Concentrate while moving.
  • Day 3: Let’s create when we move!
  • Day 4: You can even learn a little on the move.
  • Day 5: Move move move! And keep on moving for days!


If you don’t know Jamie, let me give you a quick intro — she has this knack for simplifying activities down so they’re so easy to do, you have no reason not to do them. She also makes sure to use supplies that you have in your home, so there’s no time wasted running to the store getting the things you need. And she’s all about the fun!

I’ve had the chance to go through some of her past challenges, and they are such a simple way to keep your child busy and entertained — and stop all the fighting and whining. It’s a perfect way to spend some time getting the wiggles out in January.

Ready to sign up for this Get Active Inside Activity Challenge? Sign up for FREE here >>   https://room.handsonaswegrow.com/get-active-challenge/?ref=243

You’ll get a supply list from Jamie right away just to make sure you’re ready to go by the 14th.

That’s it! Here’s to starting the year off – and burning some energy off at the same time. :) 

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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