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3 Things I’m Loving This Week

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Just to have a little fun, here’s a little vlog update on the last few weeks and the three things I’m currently in love with. :) 

  1. Meal Planning Master List – I’m creating an alternate master list for Laurianna’s restrictions (as we try to see if a diet change will help with some of her health issues). It’s making it easier for her to have a quick reference list of what she can/can’t grab when she is hungry. I may feel like I’m losing my mind every now and then. 
  2. My Instantpot – oh my word. I’m in love. I was scared to death I’d literally blow up the thing, but I’ve used it every day since last Thursday and love how easy it has been to use. Yes, a learning curve like anything, but so far, everything has worked great, and some things I’ve just guessed on – so YAY!!
  3. This book – having such a hard time putting it down! So far (I’m about half way through) and as it loops between the present and past, tying in the lives of two ladies, it is sucking me in – enough that I’m in bed early to spend some extra time reading and hauling it with me wherever I go in case I can sneak a few pages. (Updated to add: there isn’t any language, but once one of the characters is married there are a few parts you may want to skip over like I did.) 

That’s it for this week. Hope you all are getting back into the groove of school and would love to hear what you all are loving right now too. :) 

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. I would love to have coffee date soon! I am not loving that right now since I haven’t seen you in forever and seeing your face made me miss you all the more!! ;-)

    Things I am loving right now:
    1. My Little Poppies 31 day gameschool challenge: Motivating me to bust out more game during the school day!
    2. The Confident Mom’s weekly cleaning schedule: I really like just knowing what I have to do each day and not having to look around and figure out what needs to be done!
    3. Reading: I kinda feel of the personal reading wagon and it feels so good to be back on. I finished The Fever Code this morning (prequel to Maze Runner series) but just reading in general has felt so good.. It has also lead to less TV time which is always good!

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