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St. Patrick’s Day Math Printables

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St. Patrick's Day Math Printalbes

Here are a few fun St. Patrick’s Day math activities to use just in time for the holiday! We’re working on some various math concepts with Kaleb, and themed printables always get him excited – so I’m happy to make it fun with these St. Patrick’s Day Math Printables!!

St Patricks Day Math Printables

The even and odd number sort part of this is always a hit. We also use the numbers to work on number order. Kaleb puts all of the numbers in order from 1 – 30 and then we mix them up and have him sort the numbers by odd or even.  This time we’ll also be working on counting backwards from 10 first and then from 20.

greater than and less than

We’re working on great than and less than as well, so I put in a fun page for Kaleb to write two different numbers on the clouds and then draw the greater than or less than sign in the middle. This is a great way for him to also get in a little number writing practice as well as understanding greater than and less than.

tally marks

Tally marks are another area to focus on, so we’ll be rolling our St. Patrick’s Day die to get in some practice for this. We’re sliding it into our Dry Erase Activity Center so we can play it several times.

Just a few fun printables to share, but hope they are a help to you all as well! All of the above pages are in the file to download below.

—-> Download the St. Patrick’s Day Math Printables HERE <—-

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .


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  • Mama S

    those are very pun printable, thanks :-)

  • Our boys seem to be progressing at about the same rate, which is fabulous for me since you are so generous with your work! Thanks!

  • Antje

    Thank you so much for sharing these! I really appreciate all the work you put into these printables.

  • yay! so much fun to share too. :)

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