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  • Anna-Lena Forsman

    Hello! I love your Bible Verse printables!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for having these!! I have made Picture cards for every verse in our Awana curriculum up until now. However, is there any way I can edit these or ask you to post the long version of some the verses as well? Thanks!

  • Alexandria

    Hello! I absolutely love you’re website! Thank you sharing all your teaching resources with everyone. I’ve been trying to download and open a couple of the book units to go along with the books I’m currently rowing with my daughter, but for some reason they won’t open at all. If I open them in my Ipad they open just fine, but not on my desktop. Has anyone else had this issue? The only one that opened just fine was A Snowy Day. Since then I have tried Prayer for A Child and now If Jesus Came to My House, with no success. Help please!? thank you

    • Jolanthe

      Hmmm…they are opening fine for me on my laptop. I’ll see if I can send you an email directly with the files. :)

  • Kimberly Watson

    Just found your website and it looks to be very helpful. I am not blessed with a knack for technology. I am trying to print the ABC bible verses and can’t seem to be able to figure it out. I do not have a twitter or pinterest account.

    • Jolanthe

      Kimberly – once you click on the file, you should be able to open it in your browser window and then save a copy to your desktop. You do not need twitter or Pinterest in order to download the file.

      • Kimberly Watson


  • Paula Peloquin Zaitz

    Hello! I’m new to your site and am already up way past my bedtime as I am engrossed in reading…going from one thing to another! I have already shared your website with a friend and I look forward to visiting often and utilizing resources you provide and/or recommend. Thank you for your efforts…praying the Lord richly bless you!

    • Jolanthe

      Thanks so much for the encouragement, Paula! :)

  • Crystal5FL

    Your website is wonderful! We are using the book report and log printables. Do you have similar items for science experiments?

  • Molly J

    I don’t know if you can help me, but since you’re so connected in the bloggy world, I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask.

    I am SEARCHING for a blog. It is an art teacher’s blog (a former art teacher turned homeschool mom?) who posts regular assignments (weekly?), but also posts frequent (daily?) sketchbook assignments.

    Do you have any idea where I would find the blog? It’s NOT Deep Space Sparkle. It’s not Pink and Green Momma. I have now spent 2 days looking for it, and I’m beginning to wonder if she pulled her blog down.

    Thanks for ANY assistance you can give! :)

    • Jolanthe

      Well, now I’m determined to help you find it! :) I’ll do some searching and see what I can come up with!

    • Jolanthe

      Molly -

      Is Barb from from Harmony Arts maybe who you are looking for?


      • Molly J

        I found it! :) Thanks though! Here’s what I was looking for:

        • Jolanthe

          I’ll have to check it out!! Thanks for the link!—
          Via Jolanthe