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  • latrice

    Thank you for your help and guidance with helping me to teach my only child the correct way to learn.

  • scott

    i didnt get a password yet, anyway i could get one sent please

  • Sending you an email, Scott. Be sure to check your spam folder, since it sometimes is sent there. :)

  • Sending you an email, Chris – be sure to check your spam folder just in case. Sometimes they get funneled there. :)

  • Issynshane De Malmanche

    Hi I just joined but the password email has not come yet

  • Be sure to check your spam folder. When I am back on my laptop, I can resend an email.

  • Issynshane De Malmanche

    I have checked my spam its not there, so can you please resend when you can Thanks :)

  • Will do :)

  • Emma Hoopes

    Hi, I just joined and didn’t get a password. Checked my spam, not there either :)

  • CaNi Con

    I subscribed but did not receive the password. I’m really looking forward to using the pre-k chore chart. Can you please email me the password when you are able to? Thank you.

  • sending you a separate email – watch your inbox.

  • Ginnie Stawicki

    I too did not get a follow up e-mail with the password, and checked my spam folder. Would you please send me an e-mail with that information? Thanks!!! (Do you have access to my e-mail just by me writing this or do I need to provide it to you?)

  • Nicki Lynn

    Hello, very excited about all of your posts. I’m in dire need of a chore/routine chart for my 3 1/2 years old. I subscribed and confirmed my address, but I never got an email with a password.

  • Sending you an email! :)

  • Nikisha Trahan

    I do not have the password :(

  • Nikisha – sending you an email. :)

  • Taylor Curtis Dibler

    I don’t have a password. diblertaylor@gmail.com

  • Sending you a separate email.

  • sweetqueen777

    As a concerned Nana, I am looking forward to great tips on enriching my sweet grandson’s learning process. He is showing all the signs of being adhd, just like his Daddy, but I recognise it and we are trying to teach him adaptations EARLY ON, to avoid the mistakes I made with him 30 years ago!

  • Thanks for joining – and have fun with your grandson!

  • Barbie Bowen

    The password never was sent to me…?

  • sending you a direct email. :)

  • Giovanna

    what is the password for the free printables? it says i joined but i dont see the password on the email. looking forward to the preschool chart! thanks!!

  • Angela

    Same question here! :)

  • be sure to check your promotions folder as it often gets sent there if you have gmail – sending you a separate email. :)

  • Angela

    Hi Jolanthe,
    I don’t have an email beside the one for subscribing. I checked all the promotions and other folders too. Can you resend?