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Even though we keep track of how many days we’ve been in school, I haven’t been paying attention to my calendar completely and was surprised to see that I had scheduled the week off for us {woo hoo!!}. Just to keep track of what’s going on in our school time overall, here’s a peek at what we’ve been doing the first six weeks:

History ~ We finished up our New World Explorers unit from Homeschool in the Woods and one thing that I learned is that we will be going through the next unit MUCH more slowly. :) The Time Travelers units are so packed full on information and I don’t want to gloss over any of it, so I would rather spread it out and make sure that it is all sinking in with the kids. The other thing that we’ll we doing is making a family lapbook rather than individual lapbooks. The lapbooks too are packed and it’s a lot to do for three kids, so we’ll work on them together. Next up ~ the Colonial Life unit!

Science ~ One of our favorite subjects so far has been Nancy Larson Science 1!! No problems getting the kids to sit down and take part in the lessons at all. The majority of our first six weeks was focused on the life stages of human beings and we are now talking about trees {parts of a plant, habitat, etc…}. You can read my review of Nancy Larson Science 1 here.

Spelling ~ Zachary has worked through about 20 lessons of Level 1 in All About Spelling and both of the girls are at lesson 10 on Level 3 of All About Spelling.

Language ~ Zachary has worked through 35 lessons in First Language Lessons Level 1 and is working on memorizing his fourth poem {he’s so proud of himself!!}. The girls have worked through the first seven weeks and are really enjoying diagramming {this would be me clapping my hands in glee!!}.

Writing ~ I put a temporary hold on Zachary’s writing because it was just a little too much for him, but the girls have been working weekly through Complete Writer Level 3 together.

Math ~ The girls are loving their Teaching Textbooks and doing great. Both of them are a little ahead of where they should be {Laurianna has worked through lesson 59 of Level 4 and McKenna has worked through lesson 41 of Level 3}.

Reading ~ We haven’t focused on anything in particular for the girls up to this point, just books that we check out from the library. Zachary has been working on his Cobweb the Cat book as a go-along with the All About Spelling lessons.

Spanish ~ Laurianna and McKenna are both working on Latin American Spanish and are cracking me up. Both are getting competitive and trying to see who can learn more words and speak sentences faster. :) It’s all working very well and they love the program. I’m not quite ready to start Zachary on it yet though.

Bible ~ We’re working hard on our Awana verses and also on reading through the Bible together. This has been one area we’ve really tried to focus hard on and establish a good routine and so far it has been going great! You can read about what we’ve done weekly in my Raising Rock Star posts.

Handwriting ~ All three of the oldest are doing a great job with A Reason for Handwriting. We’re working through the lessons weekly as they are laid out ~ the girls focusing on cursive and Zachary on his printing.

Art ~ Nothing done with this yet but we should be starting up in November with this.

PE ~ The class we were supposed to be a part of didn’t work out this year, so we’ll either wait until next semester or next year.

That’s it in a rather large nutshell! How has YOUR school year been going? :)

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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