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Working on the NEW Homeschool Room

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When we moved earlier this year, one of the ‘plans’ in the back of our mind was to have a room dedicated to homeschooling. This summer we started the project and although we won’t have it done quite as soon as we had hoped, it will be done early this fall and we are SO excited!!

Above our garage, we have a 12’ x {almost} 30’ area. Access to the room is through our garage and we also have a small area that will walkthough to the girl’s room. Our girls room has a storage area off of it and we are going to connect those two areas together and make a ‘secret’ passageway.

Rick has been working on doing as much of the project himself and we had a heating/AC unit installed last week, which is now a MUCH needed relief in the close to 100 degree temps we’ve been having. Drywall will be going up soon, but here’s a little sneak peek at how the project is coming.

A look from the top of the stairs up to the room. To the right of the ladder is the area that will cut-through to the girl’s room.


The area right in the center is where we will have the ‘secret’ passageway. While we were gone this past week, the area was framed out.


View from the opposite end of the room ~ the stairs leading up are at the end of the room.


We are SO excited to have a space JUST for homeschooling. Our poor dining room won’t know what to do when we clear out. I’m gathering ideas on how to decorate the room {if anyone has suggestions for slanted ceilings, I’d love to hear them!!}.

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. This looks great!! My sister in law has a room just like this in her home (her quilting room). It has recessed lighting and low shelves that are built in on both sides. Her husband put pine panelling throughout the room. It is so cozy and inviting!

    You must be so excited about the possibilities!

    • very excited!!! our van broke down Monday though, so some of it may be put on hold for a bit {sigh}. BUT having a running van is good too! :)

  2. Can you put in some windows?  That would keep it nice and bright and allow views the children would not normally have.  Also, I just saw a room that had bamboo across the ceiling…it was a nice way to add warmth and texture, as well!  So excited for your new room!!!!  What a BLESSING!

    Sorry about your van…..


    • we just have the windows at either end. it’s pretty bright overall, but we don’t want to add much more expense if we don’t have too. The lights aren’t on in those pictures and I didn’t do a good job brightening it up. :)

  3. So nice!!!  It looks so roomy :)  Very happy for you.  It is so nice to have a school space.  I like to just close the door and leave the school-ness behind it. :)  Looking forward to seeing it finished!

    • I am VERY much looking forward to not having to get the dining room table cleaned up for a meal! :) It’ll be great too since Laurianna is up early and can go over to work on her independent work…and not wake up her sister! :)

  4. OH what a nice spacious room!  It will be amazing!  Can’t wait to see the finished pictures!

    • Courtney ~ the problem comes in seeing the ‘picture-perfect’ rooms in all the ads and then figuring out how that is going to mesh with reality. :) Know what I mean? I have grand plans, but the budget tells me otherwise ~ grins.

    • Camiesmom2 says

      I remember seeing on a blog (resolved2worship) about how the mom decorated the upstairs of their small house. It was a room for 4 boys, but she came up with some neat things on a budget. The one I really liked was mounting some type of sheet metal on the slanted wall and using it as a magnetic bulletin board.This could be useful in a schoolroom. I’ll try to post a link; not sure if I’ll get it right. If not, check under her tags, “decorationsonabudget” and it’s the January 9 2010 post (Clubhouse in my house)http://resolved2worship.xanga.com/719805272/childrens-rooms-the-boys-room-otherwise-known-as-the-clubhouse/

    • thanks so much!!

  5. Awesome!  I would love to have a space like that.

  6. Wow it looks like it will be a great space.  I bet that is a dream for most of us to “design” our own homeschool space.  

  7. So excited for you!! You guys will love it up there! :-)

  8. If the ceiling is high enough, I would really suggest putting in small ceiling fans.  Even with the insulation and vents, it will help with air flow.

    As to decorating, I helped design an attic space when I was an interior design student.  We called it the tree house.  The lower part of the walls was painted like the top of a tree (green and leafy), it went onto the slanted part some , but the majority of the slanted part and the ceiling were painted to look like a perfect summer sky – blue with a couple of birds, fluffy clouds, a kite off in the distance.

    I think that would be perfect for an attic schoolroom!  :)

    • we definitely have a ceiling fan going in and it’s already wired! :) I’ll have to look into the ideas you suggested too! :)

  9. You make me feel inspired to have us finish off one of the rooms in the third floor.

    Hubs was working on the room that will be my office…but now I’m thinking about putting that on hold and having him start the large room that would be great for homeschooling. Or just switching the rooms altogether! Ha ha! ;)

  10. Jolanthe,

    Wow! That is such a blessing to have room for a dedicated school room. It sounds like you have some exciting plans. I can’t wait to see everything when it is finished.

  11. Sarah Scott says

    You totally won’t believe this but we are in the midst of renovating our loft upstairs which is shaped just like your room!  So far we have ordered extra windows for the ends of the room.  I will also have my sewing studio up there so it is framed up.  I plan to have the wall that faces into the school room painted with chalk board paint and have locking cupboards upstairs for storage.  I am not sure what we are doing for flooring and furniture yet, but I will keep my eyes open for deals:)  How fun!

  12. Over at Heart Of The Matter next monday is their blog hop for school rooms. Over 200 people link up pictures of where they do school. I am sure there will be some inspiration there somewher!. Just remember it is a process, as you begin to actually use the space your plans on how you want it to look will change. I would recomend a reading area with a sofa or something for read-out-louds, table space, a space for your office/storage. Divide the space into “zones” you have so much to work with!  What fun to have a whole space, I love having a dedicated room!

    Here is a link to attic rooms on pinterest, tons of inspiration, even if most of them are bedrooms, you can get ideas for those ceilings of yours.


  13. anne @ Learningtable says

    When we moved into our new house two summers ago, I immediately claimed the bonus room for our schoolroom.  I had always used our kitchen table (our tiny old house didn’t have a dining room,) and had to scramble to put everything away for mealtime.  It really is so, so nice to have a designated room for our books and projects.  Even though we still take school outside or downstairs from time to time, I don’t have to spend so much time taking out and putting away.  Our room is very similar to yours, and I bought several two-shelf wooden bookcases at Target and lined the walls under the slant with them.  We have a table in the center of the room.  The only thing I’m missing is a closet–it would be nice to have one for art and science supplies, etc.


    • I have a rough idea of what I would like to see…just need to wait on final measurements and see if it will fit in the way that I want to do it! I’m not a patient waiter!! :) Ikea is on my list of places to visit, so I’m scouring the catalogs and we’ll have to take a day trip up there, but I am hoping to have some shelves/bins for sure and a small desk area for me too!

  14. Congrats on the dedicated school room!  I had to laugh about your comment about the Dining Room.  We have a table that will seat 10 and it is COVERED with homeschool stuff.  One might think that’s the extent of it, but NO.  We often have books on the kitchen table too.  ;o) 

    Slanted ceilings are perfect for visuals like maps and educational posters.  :o)

  15. Very exciting!!!

  16. That is so exciting. I wish I had a space just for our schooling. 

  17. Madon Dailey says

    The slanted walls are perfect for hanging posters and artwork, or paint with chalkboard paint (in a good color to match the decor) and let the kids decorate it each month with pictures/drawings/writing/projects from their current lessons. They may need to stand on chairs or stools, but that’s a “take turns” and supervise project. I suggest giving each child a 18″x24″ poster frame to display their favorite project/lesson from the last two weeks. (It’s part of the Organization workshop I do. I can talk with you about details if you’d like.) The slant walls could be a good place to display these.  

  18. Anna-Marie says

    How wonderful and I am so jealous:) Looks like it will be a fantastic room can’t wait to see the finish pictures.

  19. Sarahs_sweeties says

    Looks like it will be fabulous!!!

  20. What a beautiful room. The shape is amazing and what a luxury to have a room solely for that purpose…I’m sure you will all have many fun filled days in there!

  21. uttopia904 says

    Wow, great space.  Our school room has a slanted ceiling as well.  I used a large piece of laminate counter top from Lowes along one wall as the boys workstation and supported it with filing cabniets.  It frees up the floor space for group projects and circle time.  I also ordered one US map and one World map that are the removable self adhesive type – like wall stickers.  They seem to do better than ordinary posters on the pitched ceiling area. 
    Can’t wait to see your finished project!

  22. That is going to be awesome!  I can’t wait to see it finished!

  23. So excited for you.  We are turning part of the 3rd floor of our house into a school room and we have slanted ceilings too.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  24. annettewithrow says

    awesome!!  I’m sure your whole family will love having that fun space just for school!  We are in a similar situation right now in that we are also finishing up our upstairs and we are at the same point too! (Our pictures look really similar, with the slanted ceilings and all!)  Except our new space will be for bedrooms since we now have 3 kids and only 2 bedrooms ;-)  My handyman hubby is doing most of the work too in his “spare” time and we’re hoping in another month or two to be able to move everybody around to their new bedrooms! 

  25. Lisa Marie Miles says

    That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see the after pictures.

  26. Gcmuirhead says

    What a great space!!  I would love a room like that…poss in the works..but we’ll see.  Canadian Designer Sarah Richardson did some rooms with slanted walls, and she put chair rail molding from the floor to the top of the knee wall.  I think she panelled and painted it as well, to keep it bright and fresh looking.  This allowed for a natural break in color from the chair rail up over the ceiling and also a nice crisp line for paint…don’t know if that helps… or if it makes sence…but good luck with this beautiful room :)

  27. Kellydawn913 says

    How fun!  Looking forward to seeing it when it’s done!

  28. With slanted walls, I’d suggest using magnet paint.Then you can hang posters, art work, assignment sheets, etc. on the slanted walls with magnets.

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