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What Are Your Favorite Planning Resources?

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This week, the panel over at The Homeschool Village is talking about planning resources. You’ll be shocked to know that I use my own planner {ok, maybe not}…speaking of which, I’m finishing up a new, super-cool version of it and cannot wait to share it with you!

What do you use for planning? The back of your hand? Sticky notes? Do you wing it? Be sure to stop over The Homeschool Village and see what the other moms on the panel are using and how they plan…read more here.

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. I actually still use my 2009 TOS Planner. I just bought a new calendar and keep printing the other pages used for planning that are not date specific. But…I will be very interested to see your new one because I have looked and looked and looked at your first one:-). I would definitely think you use your own planner–if I created something that awesome I’d be use it too:-)!

    • haha!! :) the new one will be editable and saveable…so you can reuse
      it year after year. :)

    • That is an awesome feature!

      But, um, isn’t that what blog posts are for? ;-) Okay, if I didn’t plan in a blog post, I don’t think I would blog. I am lazy, I admit it.

      Yeah, I think Discus must be having some issues. If I click on the post title, the comments pop up. But, not sure why I didn’t get a reply from Susana. I think mine worked when I tested it out months ago. Hoping still so, anyways!

  2. So, were there comments for yesterday’s post about Bible verses? I was totally going to read everyone’s verses, but couldn’t find the comments.

    One of mine is, Romans 8:28, it’s been one of those years, and it’s encouraging for me.

  3. I plan on a sheet of blank paper by making a list. Then I cross of the homeschooling activities as I do them. It’s super easy and not complicated.

  4. Chrislindacarter says
  5. I got a $1 planner at Target. I wish there was some kind of smartphone app. =p Or maybe there is…

  6. thanks for giving us a post on your site today!

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