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We Need to Study Musical Instruments

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In the interest of being completely open and honest with you all, I’m sharing a little conversation that happened this past week. One that is so comical – and yet painful all rolled into one.

The kids were talking about taking music lessons and what they wanted to do. Unfortunately for me, the girls want to take drum lessons {not gonna happen – I value my sanity}.

Zachary overheard the girls talking and then announced that he wants to take music lessons as well.

For the air guitar.

I may have almost peed my pants trying not to laugh out loud at his request. Laurianna looked at him and then demonstrated how to play the air guitar.

Apparently we need to have a little brush-up lesson on what is and is not a musical instrument, eh?


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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. That is very funny. Some days you just cannot make that kinda stuff up. Kids are fabulous aren’t they. Great for comic relief:)

  2. LOL and you were giving me a hard time about my lack of ability to clap/stomp and repeat Psalm 119 and being married to Tim.. *winks*

  3. RockerMom a.k.a. Jennifer says

    Oh, but they’re real. I remember someone selling on on ebay several years ago. ;)

    Given my name, I may seem a bit… *ahem*… biased, but I think that the girls should play the drums if thats what they want. They have lovely deadening pads which are placed over the batter-head to make it bearable when they practice.

  4. LOL!!!! That is too funny!! Did you know they have competitions for air guitar? For real. There are videos on You Tube.

  5. We were just talking this yesterday with our friends..what instruments our kids will/want to play…they have a mini-drum set if our 3yo wanted to learn. :p

  6. LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So awesome!!!!!! Kids are just wonderful!

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