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The Lyme Came Back…

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Preschool CornerSometimes I think it would be nice if we just had a ‘normal’ week around here. But then I realize that we are so amazingly blessed to have flexibility in our homeschool day and go along with all of the little bumps in our days.

The last little bit Kaleb has been complaining of leg pains and a few other joints that we thought were just growing pains – but a trip to the doctor this week let us know that we apparently haven’t nipped his Lyme disease and he is still having flare-ups. We didn’t exactly plan on spending quite so much time at the doctor’s office this week, but the meds already seem to be making a difference and that has also changed how he is acting during school {yay!!}.

During the week, I’ve been trying to take pictures using Instagram so hopefully that explains the square pictures in my posts lately. Makes it handy for me during our school day {especially since I leave my camera downstairs most of the time}.



With a change in how he felt, came a little change in Kaleb’s reading – and his participation. We’re still working through our All About Reading Level 1. Right now we’re breaking up our lessons over the course of a week, depending on Kaleb’s interest, so at least one lesson a week. He’s picked up the ‘qu’ sound and reading words with ‘x’ in them as well now – woot!

Science Learning with Blocks


We’ve finished up our pet unit in Science K and this week pulled out the big bag of foam blocks that comes with our science program to start the next unit. Kaleb was RATHER happy {since I’ve had them up high on a shelf!}. During our lessons we’ve been talking about the ways to describe the blocks {how they are the same/different} based on texture, size, shape, etc…

More Drawing…


The drawing continues each and every day. I have piles of pictures on my desk from a certain little boy who SO enjoys our Draw Write Now books. He just likes to flip through the books and pick pictures to draw. Usually we use the Draw and Journal Pages and he’ll write a little bit to go along with his picture, but sometimes he gets carried away and into my stash of paper. 

3 Letter Word Cards


The huge hit this week was the Three Letter Word Cards that I shared earlier this week. We’re using our Letter Tiles from All About Spelling so that we can tie these in with what we’re learning in our spelling and reading time. Definitely something that we’re keeping handy and using each week.

That’s a quick look at our week – we’re still working on our Calendar notebook, handwriting, Saxon Math and other subjects too. How has your week been?

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  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re battling Lyme disease. I’m so glad to hear the medicine is making a difference for your son.

  2. Sorry about the Lyme disease. Prayers!

  3. Oh no to the Lyme disease returning! My neighbors and their 5 yr old are all on antibiotics for Lyme disease right now. It is quite a frustrating ordeal…sorry you have to go through it again :(

  4. I am sorry to hear about the Lyme! I really hope he gets better and the meds take care of it. I have a dear friend who struggle with Lyme so I know what it’s like. God bless little buddy!

  5. I hope your little boy is feeling better real soon.

  6. I am glad the meds are helping, and I hope this will be the end of Lyme disease for your little guy.

  7. Sigh it ate my comment
    I’m sorry it flared back up but I’m glad it’s still relatively early to treat it. It’s horrid if caught later

  8. ali @ an ordinary mom says

    So sorry to hear about your little guy’s battle with Lyme. I’ll be praying that this flare-up passes quickly and fully, and that it doesn’t become a long-term problem for him.
    Your week of learning activities looks wonderful, as always :)
    Have a blessed rest of your weekend!

  9. boo on the lyme coming back! I hope this round of medicine does the trick! Sounds like Kaleb had a great week! :-)

  10. We are in a similar spot with my 15yo son. He had Lyme disease about a year ago, with a scary bout of Bell’s palsy. Last week he began complaining about feeling “arthritic” in his knees, and one thumb began to swell. We’re scheduling an appointment for him ASAP. I’m glad your son is responding well to meds!

    • it’s amazing how even after a few days we notice a huge difference! We’re only 6 days into the 30 day regimen of meds, and hopefully this will be the end of it! Hope that your appoint goes well and you get to the bottom of it!

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