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Visiting the Netherlands: Week 1

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Both of the girls were looking forward to our time in the Netherlands because my mom is from Holland and Laurianna visited there when she was just a little baby. I will have quite a few video links in this post and next weeks post and also share some of the fun things we did ~ including learning a easy Dutch prayer that we are saying at dinner time. It was one that I said growing up, and it’s been fun listening to our oldest three say it each night now.

Here are the words (and a little video clip) of the prayer we learned: “Dank u wel, Here Jezus, voor dit eten. Amen.” {translation: Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this food. Amen.}

The minit books that we are working on are not for a lapbook, but the girls enjoy doing them so we are putting them on a piece of cardstock and adding them to their geography binders. There are quite a few video clips at the end of this post – sorry if the page takes a bit to load for you.

Here’s a peek at how our week worked out:


  • Introduce new geography song
  • Locate and map the Netherlands (both wall map and minit book)
  • Use the globe to find the Netherlands
  • Read Hanna in the Time of the Tulips



  • Practiced our geography song
  • Read Hanna in the Time of the Tulips again
  • Talked about the life cycle of a tulip (cards for a minit book)
  • Watched a video clip on windmills
  • Started our windmill craft
  • Learned our new prayer in Dutch (video clip above has pronunciation)


  • Practiced our geography song
  • Finished up our windmill craft
  • Watched several video clips about the Netherlands (courtesy of Matt Lauer’s trip around the world)
  • Kept practicing our Dutch prayer and Dutch phrase: “Ik hou van jou” ~ “I love you” (see video clip above for pronunciation)

Resources we used:

Websites we visited/used:

Intro to Netherlands with Matt Lauer: some great info on how flowers get around the world and quick facts about the Netherlands

Continuing around the Netherlands (this clip has a bar at the end and some people drinking)

Video clip on windmills (via NBC and “Where in the World is Matt Lauer”)

Clip on the Anne Frank House:

My Notebooking Sheet for flag of the Netherlands
: The handwriting on the top is a font of my mom’s handwriting, which just reminds me of Holland. :)


This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. The video is adorable.

    I’m half Dutch, so this was fun. Glad the kids enjoyed it. [smile]


  2. That is *AWESOME*!! You know, ahem, the Homeschool Showcase is coming up. *nudge* *nudge* ;-)

  3. healthynhappyhome says

    That is so cool. My dad is Dutch. The most we ever did was call my grandparents Oma and Opa, and read a book about the dykes. I have visited Holland a couple of times, too. But I really like your ideas.

  4. Thank you so much for this study on Nederland! I am from the Netherlands, married to an American, and my family still lives there. I make oliebollen for New Year’s eve and love the older Gouda cheese. Unfortunately I haven’t kept up speaking Dutch to them and now especially the youngest cannot speak it and I have all my wonderful Dutch childhood books, like Ot en Sien, that I cannot read to them. Anyway, this is great to incorporate into our homeschool lessons.

    • my cousin just visited us from Holland a few weeks ago, and it was so
      much fun hearing her daughter and our girls try to ‘talk’ to each other.
      I grew up speaking Dutch but eventually it phased out and now I know
      very little.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! Using this as a base for our Netherlands unit study coming up later this year.

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