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Van Gogh Sunflower Art Project from See the Light

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Sunflowers Art project from See the LightI’ve mentioned before that pulling out art supplies is enough to put me into a bit of a frenzy. And want to avoid another project forever and ever {amen}.

The Art Projects from See the Light have been a wonderful addition to our homeschool curriculum this year. Not only are the lessons taught step-by-step, they do NOT involve a multitude of art supplies, and all of our kids {ages 6 through 11} have wanted to participate in them.

That, my friends, is a win-win for me. All I have to do is gather the needed supplies and we are on our way to learning about a new artist, technique and completing another beautiful project.

Sunflowers Art Project

The newest art project dvd from See the Light is called Sunflowers. This art lesson focuses on the style and artwork of Vincent Van Gogh. The lesson is recommended for children ages 10+, but all of our children wanted to work on the lesson {ages 6+} and were able to do so with a little additional help from me.

The Sunflowers Art Project has 4 video lessons with guided step-by-step instruction as well as art history lessons on the life and style of Vincent Van Gogh. The entire DVD is about 2 hours in length, but the lessons take a little longer since you will want to pause them occasionally to work on the art project.

A breakdown of the video lesson content:

1. Plan the Composition and First Layer of Color (26 minutes)

2. Detail the Petals and Leaves (25 minutes)

3. Fill in the Negative Space (26 minutes)

4. Value Changes for Shadows and Highlights (23 minutes)

Our Sunflowers Art Project

See the Light Sunflower Van Gogh project-2

Our tv and DVD player are in the living room, so we set up a table there, gathered all of our art supplies, and started working on our projects together. Supplies needed were simple to gather and we had all but one thing on hand:

  • An 11″ by 14″ piece of pastel or charcoal paper – tan, grey or light blue
  • Set of oil pastels (at least 24)
  • Stack of paper towels or paper napkins
  • Several artificial sunflowers
  • Baby wipes to clean hands

See the Light Sunflower Van Gogh project-006

During the lessons we not only learned a lot about art technique and using oil pastels, but we all learned quite a bit about the life of Vincent van Gogh. I love how these lessons not only focus on a project, but so much of the life and works of the artist.

Before I go further, I’m going to admit that a certain 8 year old decided to not follow directions and work ahead of the teaching. Which resulted in immense frustration on his part. It was very hard for me to let him not listen, but resulted in a great life lesson on why we shouldn’t rush ahead and should follow directions from the teacher.

See the Light Sunflower Van Gogh project-following directions

Can you see the difference? There were tears, but by the end of the lesson, Zachary was so proud of his re-worked pastel, there were smiles all around, and one of those ‘life lessons’ that he can be reminded of in the future and have a tangible example of the importance of listening.

Want to see our finished projects? The sunflowers below are in order of the ages of our kids: Kaleb {6}, Zachary {8}, McKenna {10}, and Laurianna {11}. Although targeted for ages 10+, all of our kids {ages 6 to 11} participated in the Sunflowers art project.

See the Light Sunflower Van Gogh project-Kaleb age 6See the Light Sunflower Van Gogh project-Zachary age 8See the Light Sunflower Van Gogh project-McKenna age 10See the Light Sunflower Van Gogh project-Laurianna age 11

Find Out More

Sunflowers is one video that is a part of the Art Projects from See the Light. You can purchase the DVDs individually {$14.99/ea} or purchase the entire year of nine art projects based on famous artists and receive a bonus cartooning video. We personally own the Art Class year 1 series and are working through that, but love these special projects.

I cannot recommend the Art Class and Art Project series enough. Both have made such a great addition to our homeschool time and make it incredibly easy to teach art with confidence. We now have several of the projects hanging on the walls of our homeschool room because they have turned out so beautifully!

Poppy Collage project

Be sure to check out the See the Light blog as well. They often share FREE art lessons with their readers.

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. The Degas or O’Keefe ones look great. I love both of those artists.

  2. Amanda Burt says

    Mine would love Cartooning. Thank you for the opportunity.

  3. Love See The Light. I think the cartooning one looks like a lot of fun.

  4. The Tiffany Window project looks like a lot of fun. So beautiful to look at.

  5. Oh I love to try the Bible, we love to create here

  6. brandyplacy says

    Probably the Tiffany Window!

  7. Cartooning would be fun.

  8. I would like the bible stories one.

  9. We would enjoy the peaceful seas.

  10. Landscapes would be fun! I love the idea behind these videos! So thankful a company fills the need for help in teaching art to homeschool. I looooved art in school, but certainly couldn’t teach it without some help!

  11. I would prefer to try the see the light but my son may kike the cartooning!

  12. They all look great! The Bible Series looks fun, but I think I would prefer to start with the first set that covers artists – less research for me!

  13. Jenna DeMaria says

    I would love to so the dreams of joseph, but all of them would be great additions to our art curriculum. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. thegirlwhopaintedtrees says

    My daughter loves flowers so she would love the sunflowers lesson.

  15. I would love to do the Dreams of Joseph alongside a study of Joseph! They all look wonderful :)

  16. Amy Osborn says

    Tiffany window project is one my son and I would like to try

  17. I personally would like the poppy one, but the kids would enjoy any of them :-)

  18. The “Horsing Around” project looks like one my kiddos would enjoy, especially my horse loving daughter :)

  19. I like the Horsing Around one… Honestly I think we’d all enjoy any and all of them. Thank you for the opportunity.

  20. I would like to try the poppy collage. It would fit all ages at our house.

  21. The dreams of Joseph looks really cool! It would be really fun to tie into a bible lesson on Joseph.

  22. I like the poppy collage project. Love flowers!

  23. the tiffany window project looks like fun!

  24. Definitely cartooning :)

  25. Both Sunflowers and Peaceful Seas look nice. :-)

  26. They all look interesting to me. I never had one art class in all of my 12 years in public and private school. I only have one art appreciation class in college, so I would love to learn right along with my kids.

  27. I would like to try my hand at all of them as would my five yr old, “Miss Crafty”, as she’s called ;)

  28. Diana Kempson says

    The special projects look like a lot of fun, but since art isn’t one of my strong suits, it’s best if we start with the first art class.

  29. Hello, I took a look and I LOVE the Paper Jungle idea which focuses on the work of Henri Rousseau. Would love to try that one with my little boy! Thank you!

  30. Cheryl Kenney says

    We would also like the Vincent Van Gogh. We have that picture hanging in our homeschool room. One of our favorites!

  31. Lori TenHaken says

    I would love to work on the cartooning with them.

  32. kelly thompson says

    I think the watercolor project for easter would be great to do with the kids

  33. My kids would probably enjoy the cartooning the most.

  34. We enjoy the work of Georgia O’Keefe and Edgar Degas, so either of those would be good first choices. All of the selections sound wonderful. We have the first year Art Class and LOVE it!

  35. The Paper Jungle looks fun!

  36. oblivion219 says

    Paper jungle! A bunch of them look nice.

  37. Jessica Andrews says

    The Dream of Joseph looks cool. But Also the paper jungle.

  38. Sonya Hicks says

    I think the Paper Jungle and the Tiffany Window projects look like they would be fun to do with the kiddos.

  39. childrenfirstei says

    I’d love to work on the Degas project with my kiddos!

  40. EASTER STORY & ART LESSONS would fun for these upcoming week

  41. I think my oldest would love the Horsing Around and my middle would love the Cartooning one.

  42. I have been looking for something to do for art. This looks interesting.

  43. Honestly, I would love to do any of the projects! Art is not my strong area, so any help is appreciated!

  44. Karen Basel says

    Peaceful seas looks cool!

  45. i think my kids would love making the tiffany windows!

  46. I think my boys would really enjoy the cartooning DVD

  47. I would love to do the poppy collage.

  48. I’d love to try Paper Jungle.

  49. The horsing around one is something my daughter would love!

  50. Would love Dreams of Joseph!

  51. peaceful seas; would love some of those paintings on our walls!

  52. Poppy Collage looks bright and cheerful!

  53. I would Love to do Degas or Tiffany Windows. Any art help for me would be so needed!

  54. Marsha Nixon says

    Peaceful Seas looks wonderful too! All of them look great. I would like to do the art projects myself. :o)

  55. I like to try cartooning.

  56. arobinsnestful says

    The sunflower project looks like a lot of fun!

  57. Kimberly R says

    My three kids would love the cartooning art project! They are constantly drawing!

  58. My daughter has been drawing some pretty cool cartoon figures. I would love for her to take that class on cartooning.

  59. I would like anything that teaches about real artists.

  60. I would like to do the Dreams of Joseph project (or the Sunflowers one). Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. My oldest is really into horses and I would love to do the Horsing Around Project with her.

  62. The paper jungle looks fun

  63. I would love my youngest to work on any and all of these projects. She is determined to be an artist when she grows up. I tell her she already is! :)

  64. I think the pontillism fruit would be fun!

  65. I would love to try any of them! My son will be 6 in October and we are jumping right in with first grade. I want to make sure he’s learning about music and art (both skills and appreciation), but I was not sure where to start!

  66. My kids would love to study the Degas projects!

  67. Kathleen P. says

    They all look great.

  68. Thank you for sharing this art curriculum. My boys love art and I enjoy having a finished project that can go on our wall. I would enjoy doing the poppy collage with them.

  69. Thanks! I like so many of their projects but Tiffany windows and Cartooning look espec fun!

  70. the poppy collage or the pointillism project looks fun! thanks for the chance!

  71. My son would love the cartooning one!

  72. I would love to see one about roses…

  73. I think the Tiffany window one would be fun!

  74. I would love to see any of the great artists (styles) covered-Monet, Cassatt, etc

  75. my-I am two for two on my posting errors…OK, I think I want to work on the Peaceful Seas with my boy-esp. since we have studied Homer :)

  76. My girls would love to do the Poppy Collage.

  77. Becky Milstead says

    I think the Georgia O’Keefe Art Study – Poppy Collage would be fun too. :-)

  78. I would love to do the Tiffany Window with my girls!

  79. I would like to try the cartooning

  80. The sunflowers are so awesome. Can’t wait to try it out with my kids.

  81. Sunflowers or Pointillism Fruit.. They all look like fun!

  82. well sunflowers are my favored flower so yes i would love to do that .

  83. My boys would love the cartooning lessons!

  84. they all look great, but i’d probably find the sunflowers and pointillism projects most interesting

  85. Poppy collage looks beautiful.

  86. Becky Milstead says

    I love the Sunflowers as well as the Poppy Collage

  87. tammy kohout says

    I think we’d love Paper Jungle! :)

  88. Love this new resource idea! The Dreams of Joseph project looks really cool, as does the Poppy Collage. I also love Tiffany, so I know I’d have fun doing that one with the kids! My kids love studying about famous artists, so anything that incorporates that is great.

  89. Love the sunflowers and I think my kids would like learning about watercolors.

  90. Our family loves art…so, we would probably love to do the Dreams of Joseph one or the Poppy Collage!

  91. I most definitely would like to do the Peaceful Seas art project with my kid’s. We live near the ocean and I think it would be a lot of fun!

  92. BunnyMomRocks says

    Poppy Collage would be awesome as they are among our favorite flowers. But really the Sunflowers project is the one we want to do the most. What a great program!

  93. All three of my kids love horses so we would love to try the Horsing Around. I think we would all enjoy the Paper Jungle…love to make collages and this would fit right in.

  94. All 4 of the kids love Horses, so we would love to try Horsing Around. all of their projects look great!

  95. Peaceful seas – my daughter received chalk pastels for her birthday and has been learning how to blend them. She enjoys chalking ocean pictures now.

  96. Jennifer Puckett says

    Art Class: The Basics

  97. I very much like the Sunflowers art project (and the Tiffany Window too).

  98. Julie Klaus says

    My horse loving daughter would love to do the Horsing Around lesson!

  99. Deanna Lytle says

    I’d like to work on “Horsing Around” with the girls ~ they are *in love* with horses right now :)

  100. Horsing Around, my daughter really loves anything to do with horses but has a difficult time drawing them, I think she would love to be able to turn out a pretty horse picture.

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