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PreK and K Community ~ Week 1

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Side Note: I may have accidentally deleted an image in Photobucket that many of you have grabbed for the PreK and K Community {ahem}. If you happen to notice that there is a missing image, would you be so kind as to re-grab the html? I’m sorry!!

Preschool and Kindergarten Community at Homeschool CreationsOverall, this week has been great and filled with all of our typical studies: math, reading, science, Bible, history, Legos, some geography, language, and handwriting. Here’s a quick peek into our week…

learning fractions with Saxon math 1

Kaleb has been working on fractions and also on counting by 5’s. While he has the tally marks down, that has been a bit more difficult to master. 10’s yes. 2’s yes. 5’s – not so much. We’re trying a few different things to help in that department {and welcome any brilliant suggestions!!}. Funny – I don’t remember the other kiddos having problems with this part. It may be pushed off to a backburner so he doesn’t get frustrated.

hundreds chart

Another new math concept this week was adding in multiples of 10 – to numbers other than 10. {sigh} We pulled out our 100’s chart so that he could easily see, but again – just a wee bit frustrating for him, so we stopped after a bit of trying and we’ll try again later.

 addition wrap ups for math

Our addition wrap-ups though – a huge hit!! I pulled them out this week on a whim {perhaps to keep him busy while I was dealing with a sibling} and he LOVED them!! Definitely using them again!!

mixing liquids in kindergarten science 

In science with Nancy Larson K, we had MUCH fun mixing different things together to see what would happen: sand and water, oil and water, as well as water with food coloring. Kaleb made predictions about what he thought would happen with each mixing and we talked about buoyancy of different liquids too.

That’s a quick look at our week, but I’d love to share a few things from YOU all now – are you ready??

For those of you joining up with us each week, a handful will be featured in the weekly post. If you’d like, feel free to grab a ‘featured’ button down below and share it with your friends!

A Family in the Land has been working on a garden unit with her children – and reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit to go along with it. Her study of plant roots and SO MUCH MORE will inspire you. And all of the pictures – gorgeous!

Root system study


– With spring hinting at actually being here, I loved this idea from Teacher @ Home. She used a circle punch with seed packets and made rainbows – how cute are they?? 

rainbow made from seed packets


Every Star is Different had a great week learning about fire safety and emergency helpers. This fingerprint activity would be a huge hit with kids and I love that it includes room to identify every finger.

Emergency Vehicle Learning Time 014


The Pinay Homeschooler shows how she has been repurposing old flashcards. She has a younger son who doesn’t care for flashcards so she used them as a ‘control’ card and made some extra go-alongs and they are a hit!

repurposing old flashcards


Angelicscalliwags has an AMAZING unit based on the book Goodnight Moon. Her food tins to go along make me want to row this BFIAR book all over again!!

Goodnight Moon muffin tin meal

What was your family up to this week? We’d all love to see!! Link up below and share with us and leave a comment to say hello too! Be sure to visit a few of the other moms linking up as well and leave a comment {we all love to hear from others}.

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  1. Claire @ Angelicscalliwags says

    What a surprise to come and link up and find my muffin tin staring back at me! Thank you so much for the feature and of course for hosting in the first place!
    I think you’re wise to back off when maths frustrates Caleb. I have one who really finds maths hard, and looking back I wish I hadn’t been so ‘enthusiastic’ in my pursuit of finishing a maths program in the alloted time.

  2. Do you think the Nancy Larson science program could be modified well for special needs (particularly speech delays)? Because science is so hands-on, it’s usually able to be modified, but I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. :-)

    Thanks for hosting us! I’m having so much fun being able to link up and visit lots of other awesome ideas.

    • absolutely. Although I have our kids read out loud to us, typically it the parent’s that do that reading. :) The great part is kids can follow along in their notebooks. Feel free to email me directly with any questions, ask here, or let me know if you would like to talk to one of the ladies at Nancy Larson {Madon is great and could give you specifics}. :)

    • Awesome! Thanks, Jolanthe! I’ll look at it in more detail as I consider curriculum for next year. I’ll let you know if I have more specific questions. I appreciate it!

  3. Oh we’ve been doing fractions this week too – and geometry. Just thinking about it my head hurts…I do NOT have a geometry mind! :D

  4. Angelue' @ Nestpirations says

    Hi, Jolanthe!

    I couldn’t wait for this season when you shared The Little Rabbit printables back in January. I used them with my girl this week and we loved them! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. LOVE the Goodnight Moon project! :-)

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